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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, May 29, 2010.

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    It's not enough that difficult child is falling apart. The remeron caused her to gain 13 pounds in barely over a month - she popped a button off her pants at school. So, now she's not eating and her blood sugar keeps dropping and she gets lightheaded, weak, shaky, and her vision gets blurry.

    Or that we have so many appointments between the 2 of us that I can't keep up.

    Or that easy child, his DF, and I got into a major, huge blowup last week. ? I think it was last week. I can't remember. It was bad. It was ugly.

    Or that I've been really depressed and the blowup pushed it into scary-land and all I could think about was dying. Even looked on the internet - you can find anything online - and decided that I would probably just screw it up and end up a vegetable and wouldn't that just would really suck.

    Or that Chloe is sick and I can't afford to take her to the vet, so I'm trying to doctor her up as best as I can and today she peed on me. And the chair. And I have no idea why. And it was really gross.

    Or that I have an abscessed tooth that is sending me into orbit and I've been on vicodin and 800mg ibuprofen every 4 hours for 3 days.

    Or that when I ask one of the two big kids to pick up difficult child from school on Friday because when I took her to school Friday morning I had been up for 35 hours, and instead of just saying yes they had to let it be known that they had plans and would pick her up if they were back.

    Or that the minute I wake up, difficult child has some kind of radar and sets into me about this or that, the cats need food, easy child isn't doing this, and I haven't had pain medications and the pain from my tooth is making me lightheaded and making me breathe funny. And she won't stop.

    Or that the guy I dated 20 years ago and got back in touch with for a couple of emails then nothing, sends me a very insulting, extremely inflammatory political email and I'm stoned from the vicodin and tired and in pain and, you know? Just not in the mood.

    Or that I'm starving because the only thing I can eat that doesn't set off my tooth is plain bread.

    That's not enough.

    Now, we have yellow jackets - or some kind of hornet or something - getting into the house. I don't know exactly where they are coming in, but I have an idea. And I'm phobic. And so is difficult child. And it's a holiday weekend, so no exterminator until at least Tuesday.
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    Hugs. Sometimes I wish we could push the pause button and life would just slow down for a while.
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  4. witzend

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    Ugh! Can you get in to the ER to get some antibiotics for the tooth? I know it's crazy expensive, but you can become very ill or even die from an abscess.

    This is the one thing I really like about Mexico. When you're sick and you know what the doctor should give you, you go to the store and buy it. Period. There's no reason to go without medication until you're too ill for it to help.
  5. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    My dentist called in antibiotics on Thursday. I was told that it should bring the pain down to a dull roar. I'm still waiting.

    I'm getting a root canal on Tuesday.

    My sister-in-law is Peruvian, and you can buy antibiotics OTC there, too.
  6. everywoman

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    Heather---sorry you have so much koi going on. Lock yourself in your room this weekend and only come out to eat.
  7. Tiapet

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    *hands you a can of Raid flying insect spray for all the flying pests to zap until you can find where they are coming from* then *hands you a dentist pass for dental work for free (if only cyberly)* and for good cause *a pair of wireless headphones that only play music you like, no batteries necessary, an eye mask (in case you just want to sleep), a blanket (your preference of weight), and a supply of books, puzzle books (word search or crosswords, etc), and a cyber nanny/maid/gal friday that can do everything for you*

    Ok, now sit back and relax and dream or do what ever your little heart is content to do! :)

    I wish that peace would come for you and all this would settle down. In the mean time, we're here for you.
  8. Wiped Out

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    Many hugs. Wishing I had that magic wand to make everything better.
  9. witzend

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    I hope that your infection will get under control. They'll delay the surgery if it's too active. I had an abscess about 20 years ago. It was so bad I could hear the tooth creaking around in my jaw. I don't remember any pain that was ever that bad. Are ice packs helping at all?
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    Heather, I'm so sorry. Wish I was closer so I could guard you against obnoxious children. Hope the pain gets better and difficult child tones herself down.
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    Got advil liquid gels? Pop open one put a dab on your finger and swipe it across the tooth and gums around the tooth! Quick and lasts a few hours. Abscess causes inflammation around the tooth and in the tooth which causes the pain, the NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, advil is one of them) causes the inflammation to decrease, relieving the pressure it causes and the pain.

    There's also whole, fresh garlic cloves. Cut one in half, put on offending tooth and bite down (onion has some of the same properties), real vanilla extract - swish it around the tooth that hurts. Peroxide, do this only once. Either swish it (DON'T SWALLOW ANY) or take a q-tip, dip and bite down on it with the sore tooth. Oil of cloves can numb it as well. Can you tell I've struggled with bad teeth for years?

    I hope things start turning around soon, that sounds like a plate and a half to deal with.
  12. flutterby

    flutterby Fly away!

    It's calmed down to the point that it's tolerable as I long as I stay on pain medications, and I've been able to push them back to every 6 hours instead of 4.

    This will be root canal #6. I still have a temp crown on the last one - haven't gotten the permanent crown on it yet.

    This tooth has been an issue for years. I had a crown on it because it had a hairline fracture. It started hurting and I had gotten decay under the crown. So, they removed the crown and did a filling, and put a temp crown on. The filling was close to the nerve, but not at the nerve. I should know by now that for me, that means root canal. But, I was only partially numb for the filling (I have a really hard time getting numb) and a root canal is expensive...and I was already replacing a crown.

    I've had the temp on this tooth for a while - couple months I think - because we were waiting to see if it would calm down. Since I have inflammatory conditions, and since I can't take NSAID's (normally - I'm not supposed to), it takes a while for things to calm down on me. I was careful not to chew on that side and all that. After a couple of weeks, it seemed to calm down. Then I got a cleaning 2 weeks ago and it stirred things up. By the next day I knew it was going to be a root canal. But, it didn't hurt as long as I didn't chew on that side. I was trying to wait because I just had one done. They're not cheap. The tooth had other ideas, and 2AM Thursday morning this started.

    I was going to get a root canal Friday morning, but there was no way I was going to get numb. Plus, I hadn't slept and had been on narcotics around the clock. There was no way I was driving. So, I wanted to give the antibiotics time to work and rescheduled for Tuesday. But, my dentist is not going to be able to get me numb. So, I'm going to an endodontist. She's done 3 of my root canals because my dentist couldn't get me numb.

    Witz, ice helps but it's a vicious cycle. Ice helps as long as it's on, but it also sets off the nerve. So, as soon as you remove the ice, the pain grows - all the way up to my eye (it's an upper tooth), and into my ear. I was doing ice and keep cold water in my mouth, until I realized that I was making it worse. As long as those things were applied, it helped. But the second I removed them, it was unbearable cause the ice is setting off the nerve.

    Mama - thanks for the tips. I will try them. I have enough money in my mouth to buy a new car.

    I also realized tonight that with all of this, I've forgotten my daily medications for 4 days. So, I'm also really spacey. :whiteflag:
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    Honey, if you have to wave a flag at least make it a wonderful color! You are under huge amounts of stress ~ make your flag red. Teach your ungrateful children what the flag means.

    A happy flag - yellow. A sad flag - blue or gray. See where I'm going here. Never ever wave a white flag. You're having difficult life circumstances yes. You are surviving & have been a survivor. Life will work it's way out - let go of various things & concentrate on making up different colors for your flags.

    Heather, please know that I say this with much concern mixed with a bit of humor & my philosophy of late. You can change what is changeable ~ a lot of life just has to be lived.