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    I went and did the coupon thing with Jess and husband and thank you tonight. They were thrilled about the AZ ice tea at 2/$1 so we each bought 4 of those. But the cashier told me that I would get the register rewards on pringles and dove for each set of items. I had 2 sets of 4 pringles (should have gotten 2 $2 RR coupons) and enough dove to get 2 of the Dove $5 coupons. I was very unhappy that they didn't have the 6 bar packs of men plus care - I had 3 $4 off coupons for those and those would have been awesome. WOuld have basically been free even if we donated them. WOuld have been $18 for 4 packs, with $6 ir rewards and then the $12 in coupon discounts. So free for 24 bars of fancy soap. I actually like the men's scents and don't react to them the way I do to the womens. But they had none of them and wouldn't substitute the 3 of the 2 bar packs or give a raincheck. The cashier said they only had 4 of the 6 bar packs in the store the entire week and employees grabbed them late Sat night when the ad came out. Grr...

    SO now I get to go return 4 cans of pringles and 4 things of dove so that I can get the $7 in rewards. That will pay for the microSD card I want for my phone!!

    But I figure there is a learning curve to this type of thing.

    Wish some of you were near and could use the $2 off men+care deodorant coupons because that is $2.50 after the RR and they had a bunch but it is too stinky for my crew. IF they still have it I might get it for our homeless shelter or to send to the troops. There was shampoo Jess wanted that could make up for the other items for the RR.

    Anyway, I am thrilled to show Jess how it worked - she was really excited. husband wasn't thrilled to spend $80 at walgreens until he figured out that we got easily twice that amt of stuff given the register rewards and the other coupons I used. He loves the mentos gum I got (never tried it - 2 for $5 with walgreens coupon, less two $1 coupons that I had) in the big 50 piece container. Plus I want the container to re-use. The face cream I make will go great in those to send to my aunt, who needs more.

    Anyway, Jess now LOVES coupons. The other stores in our town don't do great deals. Wish we had target and cvs but we don't. Those are 160 miles round trip and I won't drive that for most sales. She was also bummed that I wouldn't get the pepsi 12 packs that were 5/$13, but husband and I both hate pepsi and I don't want all the cans around for the kids. They can make lemonade for less than half of that.

    What are your best deals this week?
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    Okay Lemme see ---------

    I got (and I hate OUR Kmart because no one EVER knows that the REST of the worlds Kmarts are doing these deals and it's not must ME trying to "rip them off" every.single.time)

    8 packs of Begging Strips regular $2.99 each - $24.00

    On Sale BOGO free

    I had 4 coupons for BOGO free
    I had 4 coupons for $1.00 2

    I figured it as paying $3,98 for all 8 bags of snacks - meaning

    Regular 8 x 3.00 = 24.00
    BOGO (store sale) = 12.00
    minus 1.00 coupon x 4 -.4.00 = 8.00
    Then my 4 BOGO coupons (divide) remaining in half again = 4.00 or roughly $3.98 for 8 bags of dog snacks.

    NOPE......not what Kmart figured.

    Here's Kmarts Math -

    2.99 per bag of snacks - x 8 snacks = 23.92
    okay now the snacks are BOGO already so you take the 4 single coupons and subtract 4 -11.96 = 11.96
    Now take off the (4.00) coupons =7.96

    So I said - okay - but what about YOUR BOGO sale? She said - Well that's right there - Points to the BOGO coupon - I said - NO That's MY coupon. She said NO that's the SALE price. I said NO - that's MY coupon. She argued with me and said NO they already RING up like that. I said NO they do not. If they DID? Then they would have rung up 8 for 11.96 ----and technically - that's not what happened - they rang UP full price.....No no no she says Our stuff rings up sale price. I said Okay - Cancel the order without coupons and start over. She said "But there is no need" I dropped your coupons. I said YOU dropped them into your cash drawer. Get a key and start over. I'll wait. I was FURIOUS. So she calls a manger. Manager comes over wants to know what the problem is. I let the woman give HER version of modern math. The manager NEVER asked mine. (and I haven't even gotten to the 10 bags of OTHER snacks that are going to be .50 each) GOOD GRIEF). So lets get it on.

    So they cancel out the order and the manager - VERY cockily rings up all the snacks. I show her the sale paper. On the front the bacon snacks are $2.99 BOGO FREE. I said "NOW STOP....HOW many bags of snacks did you just ring up?" She said "EIGHT" I said "Okay.....what it is showing that each bag of snacks of bacon is each?" She said "Two dollars and ninety nine cents." I nodded. I said "Now eight times two dollars and ninety nine cents or three dollars - eight times three is what?" She smirked and said "TWENTY FOUR." I said DOES THAT SOUND LIKE BOGO to YOU?" She made a face and said "NO, no it does not....something is wrong." I just stood there - NOW we're getting somewhere!!!!! So after all was said and done ??????

    EIGHT bags of bacon snacks - $3,98 (24.00_
    Eight bags of Tbones snacks -$4.00 (24.00)
    Shick Razors 4pk..................-.99 (6.99)
    Bic Razors....4pk......................99 (5.99)
    $10.00 ($68.98) saved 58.98

    I did a major grocery buy for $2o but can't remember all the stuff I got -

    2 packs of beef oscar mayer hot dogs
    5 packs of ball park buns (.24 each)
    1 bottle of A1 steak sauce with picante
    1 bottle of lea and perrins worscheshire sauce
    2 bottles of kens salad dressing
    2 gallons of milk
    2 6pk bars of sugar free klondike ice cream bars
    1 17 lb bag of Olivia puppy chow

    and I gave the lady behind me 3 coupons because it was killing me that she had stuff that I had coupons for that you could teach someone else to coupon and save her about $5.00 because she was amazed that I got all the above for $20.00. So I said it's not THAT amazing- look it - here....and looked over here stuff and said - Here's a coupon for cat food - here's a couon for your V-8 juice and go get another one of the cat food for free and this is BOGO so now this just doubled and saved you big time - and she had something else - gave her a coupon - and it was like - OKay NOW you just dropped your bill $5.00.....now do you think the Sunday paper is worth $2.00 and 30 minutes of your time to match the ad on Tues or Wed? ---Yes. Good. -No great magic. i said extreme coupon show is a joke - this is real.....just buy what you need - and will use - not be a pig - get cat and dog stuff in bulk ......and stock up on the stuff that comes in cycles. Take a cupon class. No big secrets.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    My favorite score of the day?

    Rachael rays dog snacks are ALWAYS $6.00 a bag - I mean COME on - how badly does Izzaboo need the money?

    So UNLIKE Kmart - they had a BOGO sale - and I had a BOGO coupon and 2 1.00 off coupons. Ended up with 2 bags of snacks for $1.98 Now THAT's what I'm talking about. That girl KNEW how to give a sale up. Seriously Rachael - $6.00 for a bag of Liver cookies? No toy surprise inside?

    Susie* - Walgreens here is so anal - I won't do coupons with them - CVS yes - Walgreens thinks you are trying to rip them off and the manager embarassed me so badly the first deal I ever tried? i won't go back -ever. They must need their shampoo and oatmeal really bad so they can keep it.
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    Wow. You guys must be dealing with some bad walgreens. Nichole has one that svcks out the keester too.

    Ours? Fantastic. Actually I hate shopping rite aide and cvs because they don't give me my rewards back as a coupon, they put it on the receipt which is hard for me to keep track of.

    I *now don't faint* did not hardly buy anything this week. Actually I was so mad at husband at the time I don't remember what I bought. lol

    easy child did manage to walk out of cvs, rite aide, AND walgreens.........with bags of stuff, several, and she paid NOTHING for any of it. Actually, they paid her about 10 bucks to carry it away.

    I was impressed.

    She was so frustrated with me. I found out I don't think well when I'm mad. lol

    I did get tylenol precise pads that sell for 9.99 for free using coupons, in ad coupon, and register rewards. Also got name brand sugar for 1.99, great when generic is like 2.98. Price matched milk at walmart for 2.19 when it's almost 4 bucks here.

    cvs and rite aide will not only give you a raincheck, but will INCLUDE the register rewards in the sale price so if they don't have them in stock you don't miss out on the deal. Which ups them in my opinion a little, not much but a little. Walgreens will only give you the raincheck, so if it's a register reward item I don't bother. I wait for the next sale.

    I'm not doing so hot right now. I'm behind horribly in the coupons....and most of the time I'm too tired to bother much with them. I'm hoping to get caught up this weekend. *fingers crossed*

    easy child and I know when the trucks deliver. We show up as they're restocking. So far it works better than trying to beat everyone else on sundays.

    Darrin is so hooked on coupons. lol
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    Why not teach Darrin to cut the coupons out> THen he can match them so that they are organized, I was about 6 when my mom started me doing this, and 9 when she turned it over to me. I had to go with her to the store and compare the price after coupon with the store brand price. If the coupon price was lower I got the deal. Then I got half of the $$ we saved.

    Use matching up the coupons (putting the same ones together) as a form of those memory games for him. lay them out and have him find the ones that match. Then have him give you the razor ones, the dog food ones, etc.....

    This teaches AMAZING math skills and sorting skills to kids. SKills that will help them at school and in life for the rest of their lives. My friends were aLL amazed that I had Wiz doing thisby age 4. He could read so why not. even before she could read Jess could match the pictures and know that two words were alike even if she couldn't read them.

    This was the first big coupon outing she has done and I haven't done register rewards in a long time so I didn't know all the details.

    The kids do like the price match stuff at walmart though. Esp on meat. Walmart has AWFUL meat prices and I cannot count the number of times i have stood there with my ad from another store and gotten other people to realize they could have meat at half the price of walmart - often they will find me at checkout or ask to borrow my paper and go pay and then return it to me. I have even been followed around as I finish shopping so that they could save the $$.

    Our Walgreens is a LOT nicer than the other drug stores and the groceries. One grocery manager has teh cashiers acting like it is taking $$ out of their kids' mouths. They get paid back by the coupon companies, so I don't get the big deal. This mgr actually put up signs that they wouldn't take coupons printed off the internet. Then I got angry about it because they gave a little old lady in front of me such a hard time and I called corporate then and there. Paid to call 411 to get the # - which I never do - and talked Occupational Therapist (OT) the CEO's office. The mgr got griped out and both the lady and I got FREE groceries - the entire cart. I was told by the person I spoke with that the mgr was buying them for us out of his bonus money because he is NOT allowed to not take any kind of coupon. Same mgr that told me Jess couldn't use a cart - right after she messed up her knee and it was clearly swollen hugely (almsot 3x the normal size). This is why I got so mad - his koi is just plain mean. The head office was esp angry as many of the coupons were printed from their own website! They had been wondering why his sales of those items were so much lower than the other stores.

    WHy does couponing make people so stupid? Math isn't that hard, not with these numbers. And it takes no $$ out of the company's pocket unless they issued the coupon.
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    I've been couponing a lot now too. I think it was last week, I got Bailey's coffee creamers for .34 each. Got several Ban deoderants for free the week before.

    Last week, CVS had bags of Iams dog food for $5.99. I had $8. coupons, so I actually made 2 bucks each (bought 4), for which was credited onto a small notebook computer that I bought for Missy for her birthday.
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    Couponing here isn't anything you the deals you all get. We do get some good freebies though. This week I got more Glade coupons in the mail. Buy one get one free glade scented oil coupons, which do not expire. I wait until the holidays (Christmas) for these because there is a store here that always has them at 75% off the week before Christmas. So I will end up paying about $1 perhaps for 2 of them. I have time to track down $1 off glade coupons from now until then. I have 5 coupons so 10 free products when the time comes.

    I sent off for a free full size bag of feminine products, a name brand I usually avoid due to cost. I found some very good quality steak packages marked down 33%, then another 33% sticker as it was last day sale. It looked just as fresh as the packages just put out that morning so I bought 5 family size packages. This was at my favorite store for groceries and they give points that add up into $5 off in increments. I had quite a lot of points and you just tell them at the cash how much if any of your free grocery dollars you want to attribute to your bill. So I ended up with all 5 packages (packages of 5) for nothing. 25 free steaks for the bbq! That was my big savings this week and with just the 3 of us here, we have steak for the whole summer now, gratis. I also found good quality TP (won't cheap out on TP no matter how broke we are lol) on sale from $14.99 down to $5.99 but I had $2.50 off coupons. So I bought 3 packages and it cost me $10.50, less than the cost of 1 package. But then I had a hard time finding a place to store them all so I'm glad I had no more coupons for those lol.

    I'm uber envious of the way you all can coupon in the US. I'd be the crazy coupon nut if I was living there. Because our population is so much smaller than in the US, we'll never see the type of couponing you all get. But when I get creative I can manage to swing some good deals too. I tend to be very cautious here and stock up when I find a rare super bargain and it holds us over for that item until the next cycle for the same product to go on sale.

    I've just recently started the price match guarantee thing, can't believe I haven't always done this! Without a car and with our chain grocery stores spread across the city, taking a cab home with groceries from most shops would kill all my savings anyhow. So now I drag all my flyers with me and one stop shop at my closest and favorite grocery store that I have to taxi home from anyhow.

    You all are my heroes!
  8. Star*

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    When I get the coupon cashiers that act like it's taking money out of their kids mouths? I stop and ask them "May I ask you WHAT is it about this that is bothering you?"
    I did it at Kmart and the lady said "I just think this is like trying to get something for NOTHING...it's not fair. I said FAIR.....Me being let go from my job because I was 150 lbs over weight, 30 years old, dark hair, having a kid with multiple disabilities, my husband disabled, me driving a 20 year old car, no ac.....and being on unemployment taking a school class for $4k and not being employable locally, having a son that died from drugs and another that died from bullriding.......and trying to get 8 bags of dog biscits for $4 bucks buy buying 2 sunday papers, and connecting with woman on the internet, mailling and sharing coupons to get snacks for 3 dogs and an abused rescue dog ----WHAT about my life is NOT fair to you again? Cause I AM ALL EARS about doing my due dilligence, my math, and not stealing a thing - I'd be glad to teach YOU how to do this but I don't see me RIPPING anyone off, and I'm not running around COMPLAINING about what is FAIR in MY life - I'm just trying to get some cheap dog snacks so my kids can have a treat now and then......AND YOUR POINT WOULD BE?????

    Yeah - after that....she just smiled and said.....NOTHING.....and then I said - "And if you REALLY want me to unload my life history it gets A LOT better - but that's just the last 8 years or so - I have fire, flood, hurricane, tornados......spousal abuse, car wrecks, more death.....sheesh...." With that she just chuckled and I said "Stop taking your life so seriously - these are DOG snacks."
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    AND THEN? While she was laughing at herself? I said "And in MY group of friends (meaning you all) I'm actuall one of the luckier ones." and she kinda stood there stunned...so she just bagged up my snacks and let me go.......lol. So thanks girls...
  10. Hound dog

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    LOL Star. That's telling her!

    Some cashiers will give you a hard time just because it makes the transaction take longer or because they don't want to fool with coupons. At our walgreens and with walmart certain cashiers I've known since it opened.....most will tell you about a deal you might have forgotten or missed and ask if you want to go back and fetch the product. Or they ask what the deal is so they can get it when their shift ends. Others at walmart are just a major pain.

    I sent husband to use up the 2.00 off 2 cases of cokes we had before they expired. husband is not used to using coupons yet. He had 3 of the coupons. Cashier tried to tell him it was per transaction instead of per puchase. husband got stubborn, which he doesn't often do, it cost him a transaction fee on his unemployment card. He wasn't separating them and paying 3 different fees. He finally got her to do it as one. Which some of them I'd like to whack over the head because the computer won't take it if it's not done right, so stop being snarky about it. Ya know. ugh Ok, so once in a great while the computer won't catch it, but 99 percent of the time it does.

    easy child and I only discovered recently that cvs and rite aide include the register rewards in their rain check sale price. We've been missing out on a lot of deals because we didn't know. I imagine it's been to keep customers who would just go price match the product over at walmart. (which if we wanted it bad enough we'd do)

    Darrin and Aubrey both love to cut and sort coupons. Darrin is old enough he's starting to catch on to some of the easier deals. And as a little guy who likes to hold on to his money....he thinks it's great. Aubrey hasn't caught on to the whole saving money part, too young yet, but she loves being allowed to cut them out as it makes her a big girl. lol
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    The age is one reason I suggested having them use the coupons like one of those memory games with the cards with barney or whatever on them. IT helps them see and realize what is going on.

    Star, you are my hero. I am going to have to get husband to stop hovering and acting like things are a major problem if it takes a while to checkout. he hovers and gets nervous and upset and it irritates me. He was a real PITA about having to check out separately to get all the deals on his arizona ice tea. He is the one that likes them so much and the one we get them for, so he can either stop being such a PITA or go with-o.
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    Hey Star, do they sell Blue Buffalo dog food/treats where you are?