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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Andy

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    difficult child has stated Monday night that both sides of his tongue hurts. One side has a large canker sore starting and when I gave him medications to put on it, he said he could not reach the one on the other side because it was too far back and too deep.

    He has been complaining for several months that it feels weird when he talks at times. I have chalked this up to growing boy and anxiety. However, I don't know that a canker sore would be so far back and a little down the throat that you can't get medication on it?

    So, I am going to work early to leave at 11:30 to give plenty of time to get to therapist appointment and then to walk in children's clinic and our van is way overdue for oil change (pray that is what the maint req light means and nothing horrid will happen to us in this awful weather!).

    Is it Saturday yet? I'll even take Friday at this point!
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    Good Luck and the walk in clinic. I hope that there is a quick remedy. The check engine could really be nothing!!!!!!! All mine took was a gas cap jiggle.

    It will be FRIDAY soon;)
  3. tiredmommy

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    Duckie rinses her mouth with salt water for canker sores... it works like a charm!
  4. Andy

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    Thank you!

    The weather is behaving. I am getting the oil changed right now. They have an awesome customer lounge - I get the computer and difficult child gets to play Wii as we wait! They say the light is most likely the oil change reminder.

    We do have $600 of service work (4 different items) that should be done but I need husband's go ahead before spending that much money. He can decide which if any should be done before our trip and we will come back.

    We decided not to do the walk in clinic. The one way far back did show it's ugly white head to confirm that it is a canker sore so I will address as such. It is not as far back as difficult child preceived. Poor kid, one large one on each side of his tongue.

    Tired Mommy - Thank you for reminding me of salt water. That really is the best and for some reason I always forget it. That will be on his agenda as soon as we get home tonight.
  5. flutterby

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    easy child gets canker sores all the time. He had a large one in the back of his throat. Our doctor prescribed something called Magic Mouthwash. It's rx and is a combination of things. You gargle with it then spit it out.

    He doesn't like it because he says it only works for a few minutes, but he can't taste for 2 hours. However, when he had the canker sore in his throat he did use it quite a bit.

    I've been meaning to pull up that thread because a couple of people mentioned things that prevent canker sores and he gets them on a regular basis.
  6. Andy

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    Thank you Heather! It is good to know that you can get canker sores in the back of your throat. I was starting to get concerned about what it was because difficult child said it was far back and I had never heard of sores being that far back.

    Now that I do know it can be canker sores, I will not get too anxious too fast. I'll wait until it gets so huge he can not swallow. NO! Just kidding but nice to know it is a minor thing though very very painful.

    Salt water rinses and possibility of back throat canker sores. Too bad I need to know these things but would rather have those problems then other I face with the kids.

    Thank you all again.
  7. KTMom91

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    I just saw this...something that helps us is acidophilus (sp?) capsules. It's great for healing up mouth sores, cold sores, etc. You can either get some at the drug store or eat a bunch of yogurt. I like the pills because I see results more quickly. It's even stopped cold sores from forming.
  8. Andy

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    Thanks KTMom! I will look for that.