Walking on ice

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Feb 1, 2009.

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    Real Ice. It was warm out. The water was dripping off the roof onto the driveway. I thought I'Learning Disability (LD) walk the dogs (one at a time) before I head to work. Got about ten feet out the door and fell. I know I yelled Ouch! difficult child heard me and came running out. He's yelling, mom, mom, mom...did you hit your head. I think I must of because for some reason I just laid in that water----ON TOP of the ICE. husband came out to help me up. all I could think of as I was laying there was all the articles I recently read about fractures in women in menopause.

    I have bruises just below my elbow, wrist. I went to work and was literally shaking. My neck, back, butt all ache. Definately know I fell. Glad I didn't break anything.

    And the dog. This is the one that would normally run. I dropped her leash somewhere in the fall. She came running back and was licking my face.

    I think me having the leash in my hand kept me from bracing myself with my hands.

    And I had every intent to go to the gym. would of been 4 days in a row. Just was going to stop on my way home for an hour. LOL...I can't move.
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    Be very careful and listen to your body. Wow, I was just out back stomping around in our yard, trying to make another path for the dogs. Nothing of any value is melting around here and our poor dogs have nowhere to 'go', if you know what I mean.

    I fell while I was walking back towards the patio. Sophie started to slide down the slope and as I reached for her, I went down too. I wrenched my back - ouch.

    This ice thing bites. I screamed up at the moon last night to send the sun out and melt it all, as if that will work! Sorry you fell, glad you're okay!!

    Maybe you could hit the gym but go in the hottub or sauna instead?
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    Aww, I am so sorry. Water on top of ice is treacherous and you found out the hard way. Sigh.
    Take it slowly and take it easy. Tell people at work that you fell, so they know not to ask you to lift things for a few days.
    And ... you're not going to like this ... ice the sore spots. :)
    {{Gentle hugs}}
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    OUCH!!!!! That hurts! Probably was a good thing holding onto the leash stopped you from attempting to break your fall. My Mom fell like that several years back......used her hands to brace herself.....broke both arms and her shoulders. She was a mess for months.

    Keep moving, you're less likely to stiffen up, but be careful not to overdo for a while.

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    How are you doing today, Kjs? I bet you're sore. I was thinking about you when I took the dogs out last night. We don't have ice, but lots of pot holes and 4 non-working floodlights. :(
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    OH MY! I hope you are feel OK today and that it truly was only bruises. Ice is so very trecherous. I drove an hour yesterday to seem y daughter and grandchildren. On the way the hilly road I have to go over was flooded with snow melt. Miles and miles of puddle after puddle. I got so scared that it would freeze back up before I returned last night. Thankfully it didn't.

    Have you looked into those cleats that you just slip on over any pair of shoes? They are supposed to be great for ice.
    As a osteoporousis patient I too worry about fractures all the time. Be careful out there. -RM
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    Jeesh!! I hope you are feeling better soon. Sounds like you have a loyal pet there. He didn't run because he needed to take care of you. How sweet!!

    That's the answer, who needs men - WE NEED DOGS INSTEAD!!!! LOL
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    p.s. Thanks for the support on my thread in the Watercooler. :)
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    Hope you're feeling better today!