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    Star* call 911

    I swear I'm stuck today between KNOWNING why elderly people welcome death - (and I'd be guessing here because in my mind I would imagine it's because they get to the point I am today and HAVE to think------REALLY? THIS is what society has become? God please take me now - because it's not going to get any better, and heaven sounded so good in church this morning) or.......SERIOUSLY?? Your Mother let you "OUT" of the house dressed like that, or WITH a weapon or HOPED you'de seriously sneak off with that young man or WAS IT IMPOSSIBLE for you to keep your mouth shut in line behind me?"

    Honest to CHRISTMAS I'm not going into that bloody store again without body armor -----nope, I'm not because the last time I went there to exchange an unexchangable battery I had to deal with the 50 year old Biker BRATZ wanna be and her girlfriend with the "pony girl and infant with 12 pounds of manure in his britches"......and today it was ALL.THE. ABOVE.

    I went to exchange something and a woman LITERALLY saw me and df heading for the line and she took off cut ahead in line in front of us. (okay you got us on that one - hes got a walker, and a cane....and a buggy.....and he walks with a limp. (golf clap) you beat a cripple to the Customer (oh I can't say it) SERVICE line. You should be so proud of yourself - ANYONE, SOMEONE .....GOLD MEDAL on aisle one......" UGH.

    Then the same woman......literally has the NERVE to turn around and ask for directions to the main post office. I sighed, relented and MID=simple (OH i'm from out of town - please give me simple no turn directions thank you very much - -------wow a sprinter and bossy ta boot) this REDNECK NINCOMPOOP yells at ME.......and shouts "WHY YA GIVIN HER THEM DIRECTIONS SHE CAN GO......blah blah blah and after that? I stepped (phsyically to the side, bowed and bent at the waist) and said "DUDE SHE's ALL YERS" and yes I said "YERS".....and finally got up to the customer NOT service ......and on my way out I said "Thanks for helping that lady with THEM THAR directions" and he mumbled something.......and I stopped, backed up and said........"YA know there Jim Bob.....You were MAN enough to BUTT in on a conversation and be RUDE to me in front of the whole damn line -----I would could MAN UP and take a compliment......" (and he never turned around(and I stood there and said "NOOOOOOO????? okay then, THANKS ANYWAY.....REALLY - they were better directions)

    So I leave the "REDNECK GARMIN" and his wife who I DARED to open HER pie hole" ......and as I'm walking away there is a young couple walking in front of me......not dressed too badly.......and she says something to him.........and he WHIPPED OUT A FREAKING KNIFE........and opened the blade..........and popped it in her face!!!!!!! OH MY WORD........and as he flpped it back to comes near my face........and I'm like WT*$)*$)*$//////// and she just keeps walking......and he keeps walking........and I'm just standing there.......and he never says SORRY........or OOOOOOOPS.....nothing.
    I swear 1/2 of me wanted to bust his arm off and shove his tiny knife up his rear end...........and the other 1/2 of me is just amazed that this young girl is putting UP with this I go around him......and for a I'm standing there........he's trying to figure out (I swear to you----) if I'm going to bust his arm off .......and I thought - why bother.......our police force would take forever to get to the store, and then they'd hav to find him, and then I'd waste half my day filling out reports.......and missing work for court.......and doing the right thing could cost me my job.......and for what? I was so flipping angry - DF and I just turned around and were walking out and I pointed out the young man - about 22 years old.........and he did it to the young girl AGAIN.......right in front of us.......

    well.......DF looked at him and laughed.....and the kid looks at DF and DF is still laughing and the kid puts the knife away........and DF is still laughing and said....."WOW real mature.....what a man."
    and we left.....and got in line and as we are going to check out.......we see two teengage girls.......that are wearing clothes that would not be fit for hookers and I mean that in the nicest way possible. If my daughter EVER even thought about wearing that crud for a HALLOWEEN costume? I'd break her legs before she'd walk out of the house showing her goods that badly........and I mean......13 and 14 year old stuff that ........well no backs-----just slashed strings......and see through, too short, and hooker heels, and honestly......don't they wear underpants after they get pubic hair or is that just a walmart fad now too? DF said he didn't think even security would bust them if they walked over to the lingere dept and stole some fruit of the looms for themselves or he'd pony up some money -really disgusting.....and if it couldn't have gotten any we're checing out.........they met ......THEIR FATHER. WHAT A WINNER.


    Oh and we get to the Dollar General---------and guess who I run SMACK into? Mr. REDNECK GARMIN........STILL NOT TALKING..........gotta love it.

    I am so moving...
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    Starbie, at least you can't complain that your life is BORING like some of us lowly little waifs. Thanks for the laughs again. You sure know how to liven this place up!!! LOL
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    My Walmart is boring... Compared.
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    Yep. This is why I don't go to Walmart. If I do, it's 8 a.m. on a Monday morning. For obvious reasons.

    In regard to the knife, I would have gotten a security guard.

    Unfortunately, the rest of your story is par for the course. There's a reason people have created that scary/sad/funny photo site, something like "Seen at Walmart."
  5. 1905

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    Go to the website peopleofwalmart, OMG is it ever funny! The pictures are exactly what you describe, but it's the captions and comments that make me laugh. Seriously, check it out!
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    If you think your Walmart is bad, you've seen nothing until you get to one in the South. Star's not exaggerating. Sam's is no better.

    In OR we had no Sam's, only Costco. Costco's here are pretty much the same as in OR, but Sam's are not quite like Costco.

    Both Sam's and Costco give out samples throughout the stores. You could practically have lunch there if you timed it right. A few weeks ago I was in the Sam's and they were giving out some sort of cake. There was a very dirty older lady on a scooter, and that's as much of a description as I'll give. She had gotten a sample of the cake on a 4" paper plate. She went forward a few feet then stopped and took a bite. She did this a few times, scooting and stopping and eating, and scooting some more. Then she wiped the plate with her fingers and licked her fingers. All this time she had gotten about 6 feet from the samples lady. She scooted one more time then held the plate up to her face and licked it clean.

    EWW!!! Geez, just go back and get another sample, for crying out loud!
  7. Hound dog

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    Star, sounds like our walmart. I'm happy to say I rarely go there these days. You know what is bad?? It was like 9 yrs ago we had no walmart. Everyone shopped at the super Kmart because there was no choice. I don't recall that stuff in their store. Ever. You still don't see it there. Just walmart. Makes you wonder.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Well our WM doesn't have a security guard......they have greeters.......and by the time I would have gotten done explaining it to them? Nuf sed. And as far as getting that MANAGER? HOLY SMOKES? This is the same man that took 35 minutes to get my .75 cents back to me from a frimpin vending machine. They think if they peeve you off long enough you'll leave and they'll get bonus and they don't care if they get calls to the Sr store my only hope was to PRAY store Loss and Prevention was watching - but nope. In the County I WORK in? BRAVO - I know those people earn their money because I take calls from Walmart, Target, Kmart....all.the.time....and I mean DAY in -----day OUT......they are fierce about shoplifters.......and on top of people causing problems......but in my COUNTY???? PFFFFFFfffffffffffffffff---------lemme see.....the night that girl knocked on our door and we called 911.......and told them it sounded like he was beating her to death in the driveway ? 45 minutes later PD showed up and she took off walking because it took them so long - at 2:45 AM.......and they never did find her. Another time we had a car flip into our pig pen and it was stolen with drugs........and it took them over an HOUR to get here. Another time......a Girl went missing at the neighbors house and they hovered over my back yard a helicopter......I have brown hair and I'm in my late 40's ........she was in her early 20's and had dyed RED hair and was thin......(seriously were you TRYING to make my dogs angry?--------yup).......SWAT invaded my home serving a warrant that they could have knocked - it was NOT a no -knock warrant - maced my dog, and incidently maced me.......then just shrugged, and Barney Fife was told to go sit in the car.....and they left. I mean ------I have nothing really good to say about the quality of care here. But for the county I work in? I would not JAY WALK......
    But there was this one time.......about 12 years ago I stopped in the woods to pick wild flowers and I got hassled by a state trooper to the point I told him to either arrest me or stop being rude......and every time I pulled out on the road after that incident? I got tail yeah? I don't rock the boat here and I don't call them for squat......even when I told them the missing girl was in our yard? It was like MEH-----okay.....and no one every called us back to ask any questions.......unreal.

    So yeah -------there wouldn't have been ANY one in that store, or coming with guns help me with a 3" pocket knife.......I would have had better luck to stop, drop and roll him myself.......and hope cameras got what he did......and PRAY he didn't sue me for breaking an arm. (So see where I'm going with that)........"Oh oh -----I was showing my girl my new knife and Godzilla here jumped out and busted my arm off and shoved it up my butt......and now I can't work for the rest of my life and I want to own her house.")..........not happening.

    And Witz.........don't even get me started on DIRTY.........BLECH......
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    Our walmart is crowded but not that bad. We do have security though. At Xmas we have on duty cops. We do have one Super Walmart that they made a really big mistake of assuming they could leave open 24 hours a day like they do most of them but they didnt take into account the location of the store. Its located in a fairly remote area and they have a pretty skeleton staff on duty during the middle of the night. Well during the first couple of months, the local thieves would rush the store in the middle of the night and shoplift like mad knowing that there werent enough staff to stop them. They would grab big stuff to like electronics, tires, bikes, clothes, etc. Now they are only open 24 hours during Xmas when they have extra staff and cops on duty.
  10. 1905

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    Star- You could be on a stage somewhere, LOL!!!!! peopleofwalmart---it's a website! Seriously all true. Crazy!
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    I go to WalMart once a month to stock up on stuff but, at least here, I've learned that if I go at about 6 AM, I have the store mostly to myself. I am not a morning person but it's worth it to avoid the freak show.
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    The Walmart I go to really isn't that bad. Our town is too small to have our own Walmart so everybody goes to the one in a neighboring town about twenty miles away. This is one of the smaller "super" Walmarts and I've never seen security guards there either, just greeters who are all at least 80 years old. This is a rural area of very small towns and we have no other comparable stores - no K-Mart, no Target, no Costco - so EVERYBODY goes to Walmart. So since even the "normal" people are pretty much forced to shop at Walmart, that tends to dilute down the percentage of weird folks. The strange ones are out there - the Elvis impersonators (yes, I saw one!), the slightly imbalanced ones, the rude ones, the families with multiple wild smelly children running amok. But honestly, I've seen just as many of them at the local grocery store as I have at Walmart.

    I have to go every few weeks to buy dog food at the neighboring Tractor Supply store so while I'm there I always run through the Walmart. Their grocery section is so much larger and has a much bigger selection than our local grocery store has.
  13. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    UAN i've been begging Star to do stand up for years. I'm not the only one. Or at least write a book. She'd have no more money troubles. :)

    Our walmart is not so bad with crime/violence, thank goodness. But we have all the other junk. The cops do come........and so does the sheriff, because the road they built the store on is now in dispute I think on whether it's inside or outside the city. (when I lived on the road it was outside, no need to pay city taxes) So now they sort of toss a coin as to who is going, but someone always does and when they do, there is no nonsense.

    Although I wouldn't step foot in it during black friday, I just don't need the discount that bad.

    I also tend to avoid it at the first part of the month. Now I get food stamps and the welfare insurance and somehow I can manage to bathe and dress decent when I go out. But at that time of the month the hillbillies (I'm not joking they are the real deal) come out in droves. Makes me feel sorry for the elderly who also get their SS checks around the same time and usually can't wait a week or so to shop.
  14. SomewhereOutThere

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    We also live in a smallish town area and everyone goes to Walmart. It's clean and nice and there is very little drama there. Actually, ours is a Super-Walmart and they REALLY keep it up here.

    I think that all big stores that aren't as expensive as other stores have some poorer people who some may call white trash etc., but in my opinion that's not completely fair. It's true that you won't find that at Macys...but, really, that's a store for the richer people. I've never seen the inside of

    I admit I go to Walmart almost every day, and, honest, it's just a big ole boring store out here :)
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    ...Actually... I have found that many items at Macy's are comparable in price to JC Penney or Sears... We got a Macy's in 2004, and in 2005 I got Onyxx's dress for my wedding to husband for $15... NICE dress, we're talking fancy Easter-type. Ruffly, etc.
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  17. DammitJanet

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    I have seen just as many idiots in fancy stores to be honest. Just because you are poor trash doesnt mean you arent going to go window shopping at Victoria's Secrets.
  18. AnnieO

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    You guys make me laugh... A bunch of years ago Onyxx came home from school crying because some kid called her trailer trash - they lived with biogma in a trailer park at the time - and I explained that where you lived had little to nothing to do with whether you were trash or not - but how you ACT has everything to do with it.

    I also explained that treating her like that made the kid trashier than she was... Real classiness has nothing to do with income or residence...
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    Star, you never fail to make me laugh. Witzend, thanks for the link. I've been keeping myself entertained for the past hour!
  20. witzend

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    What do they lick between scoots at VS?