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  1. My GIG has been in a rehab facility for nearly 50 days. He informed me that the facility has offered him a job and he is going to take it. He wants to stay there. It's bittersweet. I know he can never come home. There is too much temptation. One of his friends from high school committed suicide just recently. It really hit him hard. He was in a place that he could talk to people. I'm proud of him for taking the path he is taking. His counselor was so surprised that he is choosing to stay. I know the odds are against him. But I'm praying he will be an exception. One day at a time.
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    That is wonderful news. The longer your son stays in the facility the better the chances of a lasting recovery.
  3. He is on the opposite side of the country. He can't just come home, but he doesn't have to stay. I think he found a purpose for himself. He just got his electrical license this year but drugs put a major damper on that. Our conversations are just that. We actually talk now. He is so proud of what he is doing out there. I've never heard that side of him. Christmas will still suck without him here. Oh well.....
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    Is it a peer leader kind of position? It seems awfully early in his recovery to be hired to work at the facility. My difficult child was offered a peer leader position and immediately went out and got drunk. So much for that idea.

    Honestly, the fact that your difficult child wants to stay there speaks volumes and makes me very hopeful.

  5. It's an RA position. Until he finishes his 90 days he doesn't get paid. He is currently doing this position as an intern. I'm funding his spending now, bare minimum
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    I am so happy to hear this. It sounds like the staff has a gerat deal of confidence in him. Helping others through recovery, the best way to stay in recovery in my opinion. Please keep us posted, it gives others hope. I will be thinking of him and sending good thoughts that he continues on this path. I hope you and your family have a very happy holiday.
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    That does sound really hopeful! I know it's an old post, but is it working out okay?
  8. I haven't updated in a while so thought I would check in. My son left the facility at the end of March and is now living in a different state with his Aunt and working and doing great! There is still hope.
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    Miracles do happen every day.