Want to send a customized gift?

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    I just came across a company called Chocomize - they will make a chocolate bar to YOUR specifications and send it! They start at just $4 and there is no minimum order. That is the part that is the coolest, in my opinion. Most places have minimums that are more than an individual could handle.


    If you want to send a customized gift to a person who loves to sew or loves fabric, check out Spoonflower. They will let you upload YOUR design and then get fabric with your design on it. Super cool for the budding fashion designer or that quilter who is tough to buy for. The possibilities here are truly endless. You can get a swatch for $5 to see what your design will look like, and then fabric is $18-$22 per yard, depending on the fabric you choose. This would be a way to truly customize a room or even a piece of furniture you want to recover.

    Star, I could see some of your artwork making up into truly amazing dresses and curtains, etc....

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    Those who have always wanted to try a hand at designing fabric, Spoonflower has a contest called Project Selvage - submit a design for a baby boy fabric by March 24 to enter. Details are on the Spoonflower website - must be 18 or over to enter, so not open to kids.
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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Susie* THAT is so awesome........

    I could have custome Mule curtains in my office............RADICAL..........

    And I could have creative adjectives printed on chocolate bars and send them to nice people. WICKED! My mind is on FIRE right now.......mwah hahahhahahah. Christmas comes but once a year.

    You find the coolest things..........
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    I was thinking of that Christmas card you sent me a few years ago, with the donkey that you drew when I posted about Spoonflower. in my opinion that would be AWESOME in your home!!

    I also think you could design some great baby boy designs for their contest. You get $1000 plus a bunch of fabric plus your design is sold on fabric to the general public. AND you get a trip to a big quilt convention or something like that. All expenses paid.

    Anyway, if you design mule fabric i want to see it - at least online!!