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    People with the so-called 'warrior gene' exhibit higher levels of behavioral aggression in response to provocation, according to new research co-authored by Brown University political scientist Rose McDermott. In the experiment, subjects penalized opponents by administering varying amounts of hot sauce. The findings are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

    In reality this is actually identifying the gene for conduct disorders or ASPD. Or the genetic predisposition for it to occur given the right nature/nurture situation. It would be awesome to be able to get that test done on kids from an early age.
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    I actually heard something about that on a commercial for the Dr. Phil show yesterday. Interesting....

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    I saw some of the show. Since difficult child's father told me he "exploded" when he reached adolesence and difficult child did, too, I'm convinced he has it- I also believe in the theory that some males have more testerone bursting into them than others and tht contributes as well. And I still toy with the idea that steroid use for wheezing contributed.

    I'm not so sure if I would have wanted to know this when difficult child was young. It definitely would have caused me to parent him differently from a young age but without having any better knowledge about what it takes to really curb these tendencies, I wonder if I would have been unduly harsh on difficult child before he was a difficult child, trying to prevent something that simply can't be prevented. The specialist on Dr. P's show pointed out that people with this gene react as quickly to triggers and without thinking as most people do when they drop something on their toe.
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    Warrior gene? Like - "I've descended from Viking stock or Atiliah the Hun?" This sounds a little (sorry to say it) scary Joseph Mengalah to me. I mean think about it. It would be great to isolate the gene because of the way WE are thinking. Good to help our children NOT be aggressive. But if they really DO isolate this gene, what would it do FOR a government that wanted warriors?

    Just sayin' - two sides to every story.
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    Speaking as one of those "fight not flight" warriors...we need to take our aggressiveness and turn it towards assertiveness. I'm only 5'4", but if it's necessary, I'll get up in your face if I have to stand on a chair to do it. I took on a softball coach in front of both teams and a stand full of parents because she made a crack about my kid.

    The idea of isolating a particular gene for aggressiveness is really scary...as Star said, creating an entire race of aggressive warriors could be devastating. I'm reminded of something I read a long time ago (don't remember where)..."I know not what the third world war will be fought with, but the fourth will be fought with stone knives."
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    this gene is actually something along the path that the old MAOI AD's worked on. Its not so much that this gene is something you would breed in, its more of an informational thing. And not warrior as he-man super hero warrior but that quick, impulsive in your face road rage type thing.
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    DJ is saying what I heard on Dr P, too. The term "warrior" is just a term to label it, perhaps misleading. They clearly have identified something and it is much more likely to occur in males because of the X chromosone. There's so much that plays into CD though, in my humble opinion. It's good to research and get a start on any findings that someday might lead to real help but let's not forget society as a whole- how sd's and people in general are expecting kids to be raised then they wonder why they aren't acting so much better. A lot plays into it, I think.
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    I understand this is more likely to occur in males, but Duckie has a new board name : Xena.
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    Xena .........I like it. Princess Warrior. (Now she Does resemble her auntie Star) lol. -'cept shes cuter.

    Okay then I'm going to chime in here and add that I was told Dude had exhorbitant amounts of testosterone....and by that I mean like off the charts. I wanted to find the article that said they could isolate the psychopathic something or other. It was on tv the other night and I fell asleep waiting for it.