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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by lovelyboy, Nov 20, 2012.

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    Hi all, was out of sirculation for few weeks....had a neck operation, very unsuspected!

    So during and after my neck op, me and hubby decided we had enough of the pressure that my sons current school is putting on the kids...Enough of teachers manipulating my son in going to camp, enough of little dude being excluded of events because he cant sit still....Enough of my oldest sons teacher, who told them" if they get less than 80% in tests...they are not making her proud!!!!"

    So we went to have a look at a small Afrikaans school, its 30 min drive in trafic, but very friendly, no nonsense school! The kids are actually being encourage to go to school without shoes! It only has 420 kids, and is only primary school.....They also have an Occupational Therapist (OT), ST and playtherapist.
    Ok, its not this fancy, perfect private school.....like where my kids are now, its an old goverment school, 80 yrs old, but every one knows every one and the principal is an old " grandpa" type, who is VERY envolved in the kids and the running of the school...has been there for 19 yrs!

    Now suddenly the teachers at my kids current school is " blown away" by the news that we are moving schools! Now suddenly my kids are doing so great and little dude has improved so much! This after the principal told me directly that little one " isnt coping in their school and is having a hard time!"
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    Neck surgery.....Yikes. It sounds as if you now have an option for school.
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    I hope you're healing well and that it was nothing too serious.

    As for the school, yea, that's the song and dance I got when I withdrew my kids....well, one of them anyway. In our case, it was because they needed difficult child 2's outstanding high-stakes-test score AND the money they get from the state. Not one word was mentioned about "losing" difficult child 1. THAT was sad.

    I am so glad you finally decided to pursue the other option. I know you posted a long time ago asking for opinions but then you decided against a change. I am happy to hear that the government school environment is as it should be and the kids are allowed to be KIDS.
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    Oh my sister from another continent! I'm glad you're ok!
    I thought the new school sounded like a better choice at this time too. For your whole family system actually. I hope the kids feel valued and have success there. The old school would probably never really get it and your gut said for a long time that it was not the best choice for them.
    Get better soon, I hope the kids are gentle with you! Hugs Dee
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    Thanx Dee.... So oldest asks me the other day how long he still have to be nice to me, because of my neck!? Says its unfair...he is going to brake his leg, so people can be nice to him to!
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    That's priceless!
  7. Lovelyboy - good to see you hear. I was gone for a while too. Glad to hear you are ok after your operation. I hope you are healing quickly and are not in too much discomfort.

    I remember you have been saying for quite a while now that you have a problem with the current school. This other school sounds great. I hope it works out well for your boys and that they are very happy there.