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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by everywoman, Jan 8, 2008.

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    difficult child has been wanting to leave our small town for a larger city. But...he kept digging himself deeper. For the past 6 months he has truely started to move forward.
    He got his hs diploma in June.
    He has worked some????(not a lot of jobs in town--he would get one and they tend to overhire and then not give very many hours to employees. He would go to work and be sent home some days. He would get frustrated and quit.)
    He started community college in August and ended with a 3.0.

    A friend of his is in school in a larger city 60 miles south of us. He has an apartment and his roomate paid his portion of the rent and then moved in with some friends. He told difficult child he could stay for a few months for free. Another friend in the same city is looking into moving out of his rental into other housing in a few months. He wants difficult child to live with him then. So...
    difficult child called probation and talked to his PO. She will transfer his case to other city.
    He went to city today and applied for 6 or 7 jobs.
    He went to larger community college in city to register for school.
    He came home and plans to go to local college to have records sent.
    He will finish his community service this week.
    I told him if he has a job lined up by next week, I will pay his probation fees for one month only.

    Looks like he may move out on Sunday.

    I am ready for him to take this next step, but I am also nervous. He was so anxious this morning he was sick. He called and asked me what the symptoms of a brain tumor were. I told him to try to go to city anyway and he did. He felt fine tonight, so I know it was an anxiety attack he experienced.
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    :bow: Praise Allah! He's taking such positive steps. Sometimes our kids really do surprise us.
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    :bravo: :smile: :bravo:

    What's gotten into these difficult child's of ours? Kind of nice, isn't it? :smile:

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    That's very cool. I think that some of our kids are just plain growing up and facing life. We always knew it would be a different road for them, but the end of the journey for all of them is a productive adulthood. I'm glad that your difficult child is getting there.

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    :bravo: :smile: :princess:

    Great post to read first thing in the morning!

    Fingers crossed!!!

    Suz :smile:
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    Sending good thoughts. I know my difficult child never felt at home once he got a taste of adult like independence. As it should be.
    Tell him my difficult child has stumbled frequently on his own but the secret is to not get crushed. Fix what you mess up and move forward.
    Good luck to him.