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    husband had to work this morning, and came home to tell me that some streets in our subdivision were under water. So we did what normal red-blooded Americans do in such situations-we went out driving around to see the water :crazy1: .

    This area NEVER floods. We've lived here, or family members have lived here, for nearly fifty years. I've never seen the streets under water. That is, until now. Some streets are now impassible. I just saw on the website for our local news that our county is under a Level I emergency-motorists are to stay off the roads until things improve, which might be a while, since it's still raining right now. (by the way, we didn't know all this when we went sightseeing). I don't remember this ever happening due to water. Snow, yes. Water, no.

    I'm just awed at the amount of water that has fallen. Now I just have to keep difficult child off the road until the weather improves. He's dumb enough to go driving through all of this high water, no matter how many times we tell him it's dangerous. Actually, telling him it's dangerous is likely to make him more apt to do it.

    I hope everyone else is staying dry. I guess we'll be homebound for a while.
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    Take all the keys and lock them up. Even the one under the car (check even if you don't have one that you put under there - this was the "trick" for getting the car if your 'rents took the keys way back when I was a kid.) should be removed. Then make sure your 17yo doesn't have a set of keys and he can't go damaging the cars and himself by driving when he shouldn't.

    Sorry you are flooding. I hope your home is not directly affected.


  3. WhymeMom?

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    Sending you a pair of waterwings......just heard something a while back about driving through high water. If you start thru high water it's not necessarily how deep the water is, but the tires act as flotation and once you have reached a certain point you lose the steering ability of your vehicle and if it is near a river or swift water you end up going the way of the water flow and cannot control your vehicle......never occured to me that the vehicle would float somewhat.......stay safe and out of the water!!!!
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    #2 - Cars stall quite quickly in shallow water that is most likely moving quickly and you can't tell. I see it all the time in Vegas. We don't see rain that much, but when it comes, it floods. I've seen so many rescues on the news. People think they drive these big SUV's so they can make it through the street. Nada. Watch it on the news instead.

    #3 - Yes, hide the car keys.

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    Well, it's stopped raining here, but from the radar it looks like more could be on the way. I hope not. Our house should be fine, but there are some homes nearby that probably have water in them by now. Yeah, I agree, no more sightseeing trips. They've closed both the main highway that runs through our town and the interstate a few miles south of here. If it's bad enough for them to close the interstate, it's bad.

    Fortunately, difficult child is asleep, so I shouldn't have to argue with him for a while. We won't let him drive, but there will be some attitude over it, I'm sure.

    Send those waterwings over-I'll tell difficult child he can use them if he wants to go someplace :bigsmile:
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    Personally....SICK of rain. I put the inflatable boat away yesterday, not sure why....it's been raining ALL DAY AGAIN! We no longer have the flooded streets...thankfully. STAY HOME when you do.....very hazardous. I've seen 2 feet take away an SUV...scary. Be careful & how about some ***sunshine vibes*** coming your way....I'm ready too.
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    Thanks, they must have worked, because it stopped raining. So of course, husband decided we must go to Wal-Mart (I think he really just wanted to see the water...did I mention he was a difficult child when he was younger?). The police stopped us from going down the highway, so we went the back way, and came upon three vehicles stalled on a bridge over an overflowing creek. I told husband if he tried to go through that, I was going to do him bodily harm. He told me he knew his limitations, so we turned around and went another way. We did finally make it to Wal-Mart.

    Things have improved here in town (the water went down almost as fast as it rose), but surrounding areas are still flooded. difficult child didn't even get up until the worst was over here, so we didn't have to do battle with him.
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    Wow, the Midwest and upper ECoast have gotten some bad weather lately. I am so sorry.
    I can see that your husband was a difficult child when he was younger ... some guys never grow up! :)
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Dang girl - dinner AND a show! Hot diggity - thanks! I haven't seen a good old fashioned woman on man kiester whippin in a while. I'll make some snacks.

    Throwing skittles all over wherever it is that you live -

    Taste the rainbow.

    Glad you are all safe -
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    I hope you are staying safe. We've had so much rain here I can't believe it. We are under a flash flood warning or watch. Yesterday we had over two inches and today so far we've had almost another two and it's still raining. I'm just hoping we don't get any water in our basement.
  11. MyFriendKita

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    Yes, sometimes I can see where difficult child gets his gfgness. The little apple didn't fall from the tree, sigh.

    Star-I can taste the rainbow!!! Oh wait, those were the crayons I just ate. But thanks for the good thoughts (and glad you liked the show).

    Wiped Out-I hope you don't get the rain we got. I think within 48 hours, we got between 8 and 10 inches of rain. I think this time last year we were complaining about how dry it was. Never again!