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    I decided to put this here because my semi-"normal" child did it, not difficult child 1 (the one we have the most issues with). I had to share though.

    difficult child 2 is extremely quick witted, very bright and very sarcastic (he comes by it naturally from both sides--what can I say? :tongue:). He seriously makes adults blush and turn their heads with some of the things he comes up with. Never nasty or rude, just really funny. husband has a great time poking back and forth with him. Last night they were playing back and forth and everyone was in a really good mood (unusual for our household with one bipolar child and husband who's moody 90% of the time--undx'ed maybe?). husband is picking on difficult child 2, poking him, tickling him every time he turned around and pretty much acting like two 10yo girls! lol So we sit down to dinner and husband hands something to difficult child 2. As difficult child 2 reaches for it husband grabs him--again. difficult child 2 is like, "Dad!" and we all laugh. So husband asks who's turn it is to say prayers and difficult child 2 says, "mine". He proceeds to say, "Dear God, thank you for this food, and please bless Dad when he goes to Hell. Amen." We all busted up! I told difficult child 1, "You're officially the good one now." He loved that.

    Okay, it may seem like we all have weird senses of humor, but it works for us. :laugh:
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    :rofl: Out of the mouths of babes...
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    Love it, I don't think my husband would laugh much but I would have been on the floor.
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    OMG, I don't LOL often anymore...but I spit water all over my monitor when I read this one. That is freaking hilarious!!
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    :rofl: That's a great one!