Ways to occupy teen difficult child?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Zerissenheit, Feb 28, 2014.

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    Hi all -- my 17 yo difficult child has a very hard time keeping himself occupied. If he's not watching TV or playing a video game he is trying to get someone around the house to pay attention to him, which often results in a blow-up. He doesn't read, doesn't seem to be able to spontaneously figure out what to do with himself, and is oppositional if anyone suggests alternatives. He doesn't really have friends that he interacts with outside of school, although he seems to get along with classmates.

    Any suggestions? We are all very tired, and tempted to let him glue himself to the screen just to get some peace and quiet. But that usually backfires because he becomes even more grumpy and horribly rude the next time he interacts with us.
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    That's a big problem in our house too! difficult child wouldn't think of watching tv or playing a video game though! I wish she would! What does he like to do? Is he involved in any sport activities? Our answer is sports and volunteer work. difficult child is skating, horseback riding and volunteering at the old folks home and the humane society. Still not enough activity! Weekends are the hardest to fill.
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    It's a problem here too. :(
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    I could have written this post as well!! Oh my, too bad we don't live closer and we could get our difficult children together!