We all need to lose some serious weight


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Pity you didn't trademark that. You could have made some money now that it's used all the time. lol:D

"Coined" is probably the wrong term...

Though I wonder if I could have trademarked "crankgry"?

I bet that's not in wide use yet!


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hi! Have you tried Atkins? I did and lost a lot of weight. I do believe eating fat, meat, and veggies is the best way to go. Stay away from fruit, sugars, prepared foods, "diet foods" and grains. The habits stayed with me, and now desserts taste too sugary and bread tastes like the muck that it is.
Gary Taubes wrote a book about why low carb works.
My daughter got me a corset, a nice one, for Christmas. I am "seasoning" it right now, that really kills your appetite. Issues with my son have me eating for comfort, sadly.
I work in a school and I cannot believe - I just.... how kids eat - so much sugary disgusting foods, home lunches tend to be the worst.
I am a single mom too, with a difficult child. Not easy.
I do NOT believe in going hungry.
You can do this!
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I do believe eating fat, meat, and veggies is the best way to go.
I agree with this except about the fat. (Oh how I do love it, but I try to stay away in favor of olive oil.) My son however believes in eating gobs of butter. This to him is a health food practice.