We are going to do the Learning RX program for our difficult child#2 - looks very promising!

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    Hi all! I took my 11 yr son for a cognitive assessment at Learning RX, a new program to help children build better learning skills so they don't have to struggle so much at school. Poor cognitive skills can also cause problems that look like ADHD, defiance, etc.

    My son started school making all A's. The older he gets, the more his ADHD becomes apparent and the more he struggles in math. He wants to go from step A to step Z without doing anything math steps in between.

    The assessment indicated that his logic and reasoning skills are that of a 6 year old! They have a 12 week program to help improve this.

    His logic and reasoning are very poor - his arguments are quite irrational. I have a good hunch that the program is just what his older brother needs also. I will tell you how it goes!