We are okay with it...does anyone know about the process, the recovery from liver/kidney failure?

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We're okay with it. A little touch and go last night, but doing better this morning. Not trying to be uber dramatic here (or maybe I am). difficult child liver and kidneys not doing so great. Oxygen levels down, carbon dioxide levels low, anemic. I was a nurse, but that was twelve years ago. I understand the basics here. My question has to do with probability of recovery, or with projected time until...until.

If the time is short, we are going to bring difficult child here as soon as she is stabilized. If the time is long (I read that with dialysis, persons may live as long as five to ten years. Also, read that if the liver can be made to regenerate, the kidney issues will clear up and then, all other issues will clear, as well.)

I think I did not post about it. difficult child was taken by ambulance to EMOR about a week ago. She was in acute, unremitting pain everywhere in her body. She said it was the worst pain she had experienced ~ which is saying alot.

The liver/kidney problems were discovered at that time.

She left AMA.

She has been following up with doctor. No cause for the liver issues yet ~ though pain medications /lithium /lexapro still being given, other medications stopped. difficult child still taking Tylenol or ibuprofen sporadically when she cannot stand the pain. I did, and have been, cautioning her about those medications.

Maybe I did post about this. I remember something about AMA.

So...does anyone know what is likely to happen, next?

difficult child indicated that liver values have been elevating steadily over the past year, according to her medical records.

She is also on a calcium supplement. Calcium is low, other values ~ every value ~ either high or low.

It will be whatever it is going to be. Maybe just a wake up call for difficult child to change. If not, we want to cherish her as, how, and while we can.

husband and I are good with whatever comes, next. This will be the fourth or fifth time for difficult child. She has pulled through some incredible things before. She likely will, again.

Thanks, guys.

Consequences, right?

There was not a way for us to stop difficult child drinking or drugging. There wasn't. The beating, pain medications, and antibiotics haven't helped. Thanks to our postings here, I think husband and I are okay with the not bringing difficult child here last Fall.



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Cedar, I do know about this stuff. If you could give me some actual numbers either here or by PM, I might be able to comment for you. Her BUN and creatinine, her K, her PT/INR, her SGOT/PT, alk phos, and the results of any biopsies of kidney or liver. Does she have ascites (distended belly), or known cirrhosis? Does she have hepatitis?

I don't think you did post about her hospitalization, or if you did I missed it.

There was no way on this green earth you could have stopped the drinking and drugging. Nothing could have. Only she could have, and we know that that is hard, beyond a lot of people's ability

Blessings and prayers for you today, Cedar.

I'm so sorry.



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I am so sorry Cedar.

Has she been diagnosed with Hepatitis C or Cirrhosis?

Is she off drugs and alcohol now?

How are you doing in this?

I am sending good thoughts and prayers for your family.............


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I am very sorry to learn of this - had no idea.

I will be watching updates from you closely, hoping to read better news very soon. Maybe this will scare difficult child into a new life.


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I have held off posting because I have no knowledge of liver problems and am not sure what to say. So I'll just put down that I'm so very sorry.


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I do not know enough to offer any insight, Cedar. As a nurse you would definitely know more than me. Also want to pass along my wishes that all goes well.


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Cedar, you did post about her leaving AMA but I don't remember these details and how serious it sounds.

First, I am so sorry that she is so sick. My heart stopped when I was reading what you wrote.

I am praying for you and husband and for her. I hope and pray that she can recover---from all of it, and that is the wake up call.

Please, keep us posted. I know you love her so much.


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Cedar - I'm an NP with a large nephrology practice - I will try to answer generally: lithium toxicity can cause renal failure. How is she doing today? Have they started dialysis? I'm not on here much but will try to check in later on...take care.

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Thanks, everyone. Judi and Echo, I will post values here later today. difficult child sent lab results last night via cell phone. We have a new phone, though? And cannot get the screen to enlarge enough to read them. (!) We will get that resolved today, and I will post values, here. She is still on lithium, and has had kidney issues twice in the year since it was first prescribed. The only two normal values, according to difficult child, were BUN and creatinine. So, something is still working as it should. Her electrolytes are off (low), she is anemic, and short of breath.

I read about the erythropoiten (?) connection with the kidneys, anemia, and shortness of breath.

The doctor she saw last week told her she was not dying.

Her liver was described to her as "irritated." It is enlarged or swollen. She does not have hepatitis. We did not address cirrhosis.

She has had diarrhea for some months, and wonders whether that would account for her "malabsorption syndrome."

I think it would be the other way around, right?

She actually sounded really good last night. Crisp, centered. Most recent labs should have been published on her website, but may appear there today.

She is no longer taking any pain medications. They still have her on the lithium, but there too, her levels are low for the dose she is taking.

Thanks to all. Don't be sad or scared ~ it is like we always say, here ~ real life choices, real life consequences. The issue for me is not to miss an opportunity to see and cherish her because we are all wound up in the last $1000 of her tax return she claims to have lost but probably blew at the casino. We are putting money in her account so she can taxi home from doctor. I do believe she is tired, so tired.

It is a strange place to be.

Again, thanks to all.

I will post more, this afternoon.



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Good morning Cedar. You sound pretty good all things considered...........I am glad for that.

Well, you're finding out the facts as you move through this. I will be interested in hearing her lab results.

Sending you good thoughts and prayers...........I hope you and husband can enjoy your day and that the sunset this morning was an especially beautiful one, just for you..........

I read on another post that you are seeing husband as a hero, this is so wonderful to hear, he must be feeling so good about himself right about now..............good for the two of you!

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Yes, husband is being the strong, silent type. It doesn't seem to have affected him that much. He knew what he was doing all along, I guess.

It's a little embarrassing for me, actually. But he was not one bit surprised to learn that both Janet's and Nomad's husbands had decided to move their wives away from the kids.

He isn't saying much about it. "That's what a man does." That's pretty much all he said. That, and "Good for them."

I posted about difficult child's lab values coming back.

The crisis is over.

I'm sorry for the false alarm. I learned a great deal from this experience.

Thank you. Knowing you were here, knowing I could learn more than I knew and that you would go through whatever was coming with me was so strengthening.

It was so awful to realize this might be the way the story ended, and to not know how to think about or handle it. We had decided to make a celebration of life for her before she got much sicker. If that had been what we learned today, I mean. It was an experience in becoming familiar with the roles we all play, in a way. A look at our storylines, and at how we apply and interpret the meaning of a thing.

I thought about Pema Chodron's teachings, alot.