We Finally Broke Down and Started Intuniv

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, Feb 4, 2011.

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    I don't post a lot, but for all of us who walk this road, I needed to share some good news that only parents of difficult child's can really appreciate. I was almost in tears.

    For those of you that don't know my story a brief background.

    husband and I together 20 yrs, married 12. difficult child, male, 8, planned bio-child. Excellent infant. Trouble since he could walk. Tossed out of 5 daycares, cost me a job of 9 years, transferred to therapeutic class in 1st grade, still there. 1 hospitalization @ 6yrs. tons of testing (private testing, school testing, neuropsychologist, austism consortium) doctors, medications. Stims don't work, nothing really has. diagnosis's Mood not otherwise specified, ADHD. On the other hand he's very bright, intelligent, excels in math, funny, likes sports, loving, huge WWF fan along with computers and video games...

    He has been on seroquel and prozac now for 2 yrs. He's stable, but prone to major impulsivity, easily distracted although does well in school, could even do better...

    We've dragged our feet on trying Intuniv because well he's had no other success with medications and husband and I really struggled with-adding another medication to the mix, he's only 8 for pete's sake.

    We decided to try it. Our last attempt and then we were going to leave it alone. This Saturday will be 2 weeks. He's up to 2mg daily now. Got a great report from his teacher yesterday.

    She called this am. She stated for the past few days they have seen a huge turn around in him. Not getting distracted as much, actually sitting indian style on floor during am meeting, not rolling around like usual. Following instruction, not needing a ton of redirection (MAJOR). People who work with him a half hour per week (group, Occupational Therapist (OT) etc). have come into the room to specifically comment on what a different kid he is. He actually spoke in group and answered questions (he never does). She actually called him a MODEL STUDENT???!!

    I am optimistic that after many, many years we may have found something to help him to be focused and applied at school so that he can get back to district. We so want that for him and I know its something he wants too. I know we are only 2 weeks in on this medication but the reports from school are mind boggling. Usually when the school calls (not too often) he's melting down big time.

    I can only pray that this is really real and it helps him to feel the best and be the best that he can be.

    OMG. I needed to hear this so bad.
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    Just out of curiosity--did you notice an increase in impulsiveness when you added Prozac? Both of children suffered from becoming more disinhibited when we added that medication in at when our kids were young.

    That's great news!
  3. jal

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    No, no increase in impulsivity with-Prozac. The impulsitvity has always been there and has always been a big problem.
  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    That's great news! We've also had good results for my difficult child 2 with Intuniv. I hope the successes continue for your little guy! :bigsmile:
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    I haven't heard about this one, but not a big fan of Adderall here. Trying to find something for my son that I feel better about giving him. Looks like I need to do some research!
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    AWESOME news!!! I am so happy for you (and him!)! I hope this helps all of you have a much improved life - at home and school!!
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    That is awesome ! I love reading these kinds of posts ! Wishing difficult child continued success !
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    I'm really happy for y'all, and I hope it continues helping him. :D
  9. ML

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    Thank you for sharing this with us. I am thrilled.

    We recently tried bringing manster down on his clonidine which is similar I believe and was amazed at how badly he did. He became the person I warned his 6th grade teacher about who looked at me like I was nuts at our first PT conference because manster was one of his top students. Payed proper attention, answered all the questions, got good grades, etc. Well after just a few days of the removal of 1/2 mg he was disengaged, fidgety, unable to follow direction, etc. Anyway, I'm very happy to hear something is working for your difficult child. Wooo hoooo!!
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    I realize this post was 6 years ago but was curious how your son is doing as I have an 11 year old who sounds very similar to your sons history. Definitely not a text book kid to a diagnosis. Mine is doing very well after many difficult years. He still has immaturity in social areas but his control on emotions has really improved. I think he has a very good chance given the right path and people in his life to do very well. At least this is my hope. So far the best medications we found are Abilify and clonidine (I understand this is basically same as intuniv). He could not tolerate stimulants and seemed to make him more aggressive and quick to anger. Since your son is probably 14 now was curious what the last 6 years have been like with medications, diagnosis, school placement, social, etc. I find it hard to find kids that sound like my son. Thanks for any info willing to share.

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    Hi Cyndi,

    I was shocked to see this thread pop up but glad you asked. Son is now 14 soon to be 15. Medications have pretty much stayed the same, still on the Intuniv and Prozac. We have increased on Prozac recently but not seeing any positive or negative changes. Truthfully, we may end up taking him off of it per his doctor. My child too is not text book to diagnose either. He went back to mainstream public school in elementary and middle school with blips on the radar but really struggled in high school. He is currently in a therapeutic private boarding school as a day student. Academically he does very well but still struggles with impulsivity and behavior. Thankfully, at his core he is a good kid. He guards it well but its there.

    The last years have had his primary doctor overseeing medications. Tons of evaluations done (another neurpsych, psychiatric etc.) but nothing conclusive. He is just a different type of kid that really struggles behaviorally. Now through this school he is back with a psychiatrist and a therapist and lots of opportunity if he would just take advantage of it.