We go to psychiatrist today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Jul 30, 2008.

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    After the roller coaster of the last 3 weeks, we go see psychiatrist this morning. difficult child is still not on daytrana, and I am not sure if I am willing to put him back on them. He is so hyper and impulsive that something must be done.

    We went to the beach last week, had a good time. But tell me please, is it normal for a 10yr old boy to stand in the surf and yell at the ocean? He kept insisting that he was bigger & faster than the ocean, that he could kick its bu**, and well you get the picture.

    Yesterday we went to easy child's 4-H dog show. All day event from 10:30 and finally left at 8:30pm. difficult child did good (for him) untill about 3 or so. At one point he crawled in the dog's crate, shut himself in, and started barking at people walking by. Now I can see this if he was 2 or 4 or maybe even 6, but at 10yrs old? I just ignored him as best I could (did have to ask him to quit barking at people as he was scaring them).

    I have noticed that his voice has gotten even louder, and he is losing more eyebrows. We go to dermatologist for that next Tues.

    What is going on???? Is it just me or is this attention seeking behavior that he does not seem to have much control over.
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    Mention yelling at the ocean - sounds like grandiosity to me. Could be caused by ??? We have had a lot of it with my aspie. And remember, our kids are about 2/3 the emotional age of their age in years. Just the rule of thumb I got from our docs. The dog thing could be just attention seeking, or more. Sounds like a very very tough day for a difficult child though. As for if he had control, what do your instincts say?

    I am sorry it was such a rough day yesterday, and at the ocean. I hope the psychiatrist can help.

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    If it were my kid, with hindsight, I would skip any stimulant or anti-depressant. In spite of claims that stimulants calm ADHD kids, I have seen and experienced hyper kids getting even more hyper on them, even psychotic. In my layman's mother's only opinion, he sounds a bit manicky. Maybe he needs to up the mood stabilizer. I really don't know. I would definitely talk to the psychiatrist and, if this were my son, clearly state that I didn't want stimulants for this child. Has he ever been on a mood stabilizer WITHOUT a stimulant or antidepressant at the same time? Good luck, whatever you decide.
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    Thank you guys, I had both those thoughts. Grandiosity and hypomania or mania. I think he really believed that he was "tougher" than the ocean. It was eery to listen to him, as he really believed himself.

    If psychiatrist changes medications, things could get interesting around here as husband is in the middle of a medication change too. Sometimes medication changes get a little interesting and possibly stressful.