We got a golden retriever!

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    I know. I'm crazy.

    I went to the SPCA today to look at a friend's mural in the otter pen. It's gorgeous. I had painted one wall inside, but had run into scheduling issues with-P, difficult child, Dad, you name it. Now I'm excited to paint again, so I volunteered to do the visitation area with-large portraits.

    As I was walking out of the bldg, a young man was struggling with-a rambunctious golden retriever. It was the happiest, liveliest dog I've ever seen. I asked if he'd just gotten it inside. He said, "No, I'm surrendering him."

    "I'll take him!" I said, and hugged the dog, who jumped up on me. He said it kept knocking his kids over, LOL. I said he just needed training.

    We walked in together and he slid a folder across the counter with-shot records and purebred sire records. They slid the relinquishment paperwork to him. He said, I'm here to surrender my dog."

    "I'm here to adopt the dog," I said.

    There were 3 or 4 employees there and they all said, "Go outside and talk. Go across the street. We never saw you." (Shades of Sgt Schultz in Hogan's Heroes, "I know nothing!")

    Yahoo! A free purebred dog with-papers!

    We put the dog in my car, and drove 20 yds across the street in his truck. The owner is a Navy guy who will be leaving for a few mo's and he's the one in charge of the dog. He works full time and goes to school 1/2 time and has to find time for his wife, kids, house, etc. Just too much. He asked if I was looking for a dog and I said no, I'm one of the artists who does murals. He said, "Do you do children's portraits?"

    Oohhhh, yeah. ;):redface:

    One catch: he hasn't been neutered yet. (The dog, not the owner.:laugh:)

    So we went back to my car and he said he wanted to say goodbye. He opened my car door, hugged his beautiful dog, talked to him, let him lick his face, talked some more, and shut the car door. I felt so awful, but he said, "I'm so glad I met you because you never know what will happen or who might end up with-the dog when you come here."

    I said, "I'm sorry," and gave him a great big hug. He was blinking back tears.

    So, the new dog (with-a goofy name we're going to change) is working out dominance with-Starbucks (I think Starbucks is the winner) and has such a good temperament, the whole thing is wonderful and amazing and one of the happiest things I've done just for myself in a long time.

    Which reminds me ...

    husband doesn't know yet. Gulp.
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    This reminds me of the story about the dog who found the home after his master passed away in the war. I almost knew before you said it that the owner was gonna be a military guy...lol. Happy new doggy days!
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    Awww Terry! It was truly mean to be. You were in the right place at the right time.:D

    We had this happen to us twice. First time husband talked me in to buying a puppy from a pet shop (big nono) for our beagle Lucky to have a companion. She was a blonde/white beagle mix and was beautiful. Smart, sweet as all get out. But after months of working with her I just could not get it thru her head that outside was where u go potty.:faint: Trained her to sit, stay, dance, beg, roll over..........but she would NOT go potty outside. Since we lived in an apartment, I had no choice but to give her up. Broke my heart. But while we were waiting in the pound waiting room a young couple came in, the woman had gotten herself a "girlie" dog and the man wanted a "guy" dog to pal around with him outside on their farm. One look at Duchess and he was head over heels for her. She went home with them.

    Next time was with our Basset Baby. For 2 yrs I'd worked with the vet trying to find out what was wrong with her. She wouldn't eat for days upon days at a time. Eventually got snippy, then snarly, then went for husband's throat. I think it was because she had something wrong physically but we couldn't afford the test to find out. So I, bawling my eyes out when to give her up. A woman met us in the parking lot. She had just given up her huge mix dog the day before thinking she ws going to move......and the pound had put him down because he snipped at the dog catcher when he went to put him in the cage. So when she'd come back to get him when she found out they weren't having to move he was gone. She adopted Baby knowing all her issues and took her straight to the vet for tests I couldn't afford. She had her for years and years.:D

    You know we'll need to see a picture asap right?? LOL
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    Congratulations on the new member of your family. You were definitely in the right place at the right time.

    Golden retrievers are wonderful dogs. They love kids, train well, and make good pets. One of my dogs is half golden retriever and half cocker spaniel but he looks pretty much like a golden. He is a big goofy lover who likes to play, lets the grandkids ride him, and generally loves life. He definitely inherited the golden personality. I hope yours will give you as much pleasure as he gives me. Speaking from experience, they are much easier to train than kids or husbands (those two are more like cats:tongue:)

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    Thank you all. Lovely stories.

    Hound Dog, your dog filled a need for that woman to "rescue" and save her own dog. Sigh.

    Now I have to find one of my cats. She was chased by the new dog this a.m. and she is nowhere to be found. Probably in the back of a closet, poor thing. The other cat is draped over my keyboard.
    Both dogs are outside. I got mauled this a.m. It's raining and muddy and New Dog is defintely not trained. Blech.
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    What a great story! I'm happy for you, the dog and the guy who gave him up! At least he knows the dog will be cared for and have a family that will love him! Congratulations!
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    Goldens can be very easy to love. I hope you enjoy him! That is about the best way to get an animal from a shelter. The owner knows you will love him and that his dog was not traumatized by the shelter in any way.

    We got rid of a kitten in a similar way. She was a gift to me but she was feral. She couldn't be litter trained and she hated Wiz and I. Adored husband, but would attack us if we got within about 4 feet of him. She was really nuts, but an amazing hunter. I was taking her to the shelter and there was a guy looking for a barn cat for his dad. Dad was elderly and the farm was pretty much inactive save for a few animals for the family. Mice were getting into the barn and the cats they had were to spoiled to hunt. Once I made SURE there were NO kids around (grandkids were teens) I just gave her to him. I told him about how she attacked Wiz. He was sitting in a highchair watching Barney sitting perfectly still, the way they do when they are little and mesmerized. I saw the cat just run to him and jump up and sink all her front claws into his leg and slide down him!! She stayed in the bathroom until I could take her to the shelter. My dad was going to shoot her for hurting Wiz. Can't blame him, you just can't have dangerous animals around.

    I got Freckles that day. It was 1 week before their birthday. She was delivered at our vets office because her mom had trouble in labor. She was so sweet, came right to me, and when I saw the birthday I knew she was meant for us. She lived for many years with us.

    I hope you have many happy years with the Golden. Just be sure to do an obedience class or two to help with all the energy goldens have.
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    Thank you all.

    What a great story, Susie.

    The dog is at the vet being neutered and chipped. If I had read the Navy guy's paperwork more thoroughly, I would have realized the dog was cryptorchid, just like Starbucks, but I probably would have adopted him anyway. It's an extra $113 on top of the $130 neuter fee. Sigh.

    I think I'll notify the breeder so she knows that's in the line.

    And yes, he IS being obedience trained! I've already started using a choke, and teaching him to sit and stay. "Stay" is not his favorite word. More like "Run and spazz out." :laugh:
  10. Shari

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    Goldens are fun dogs.

  11. Abbey

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    I am banned from our local shelter which is awesome. I go in with nothing to do other than volunteer and come out with a few pets each time. I think they classify me as a hoarder at this point. Enjoy your doggie. I'm sure it is quite comforting to the guy who gave him up knowing he was going to a loving family. Retrievers are very loyal. Lots of energy, but energy that can be diverted in a positive way. I love how they age and get the grey mouth area.
  12. GoingNorth

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    Just watch the dog's hips very closely. Goldens are the poster children for hip dysplasia--much more so than German Shepherds
  13. Jody

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    I have a Golden Boy Broady. He is the best dog I have ever known. I like him better than most people. He is sweet and fun and so handsome. He was easy to train and hardly ever barks. I will have another one soon. Have fun with your boy. I can't wait for Broady's full coat to come in the winter, it's long and wavy and reddish color. What color is yours the more red or blonde. He has always been so quiet and laidback that my difficult child and I thought something must be wrong with the boy. He doesn't whine or back unless he has to go out. He does hate his nails trimmed though. But I think they are great dogs. You were definately at the right place at the right time. Good luck and keep me posted how he's doing. Take care.
  14. ML

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    This is so cool. What a geat story!
  15. Congrats to the new Mom and Starbucks! Goldens are absolutely wonderful. I am completely bonded with my boss's Golden. We take a daily walk together and it is the most peaceful part of my day. She sheds a lot, but she's worth the trouble.

    Enjoy :)

  16. TerryJ2

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    Thank you! We are still trying to come up with-a name.

    The original owner is going to contact the breeder and tell her that the dog was cryptorchid. She should not be breeding from that line. We worked it out that he would call her, so that she wouldn't know he gave me the dog. We weren't sure if the contract specified that she gets first rights for new placement and I didn't want to lose him!

    He is very yellow-gold. The fur on his hips and lower back is very curly. He has a very big head and very big front paws. He's going to grow another inch, for sure.

    He's SO hard to control! He's supposed to be on-leash after his surgery, but even on leash, he runs and jumps. His suture areas are bright red, but not actively bleeding. Sigh. He's going to have a whopper scar. He just can't sit still, even on medication.

    I have to come up with-a name soon so I can mail in the microchip info.
  17. DammitJanet

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    Well you could call him Dorado which means golden in spanish. Or Einstein to carry on the starbucks theme...Einstein's Bagels. OR...Dunkin from Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin would be great since I assume he will LOVE water.