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    Well overall the trip was a success. Had some highs and lows but for the most part things went well.

    I wasn't sure when we got there if that was going to be the case. We went to a fair type of thing and there is a lot of camping. Yu have to arrive by 9 to be given a spot or you wait til the next morning. We got there at 8:30. Guess what they decided to stop early. they told us we could set up temporarily at the gate area and tear down the next morning when we could get our actual site. No thank you. We slept in the van. And I was actually glad we chose that route as it rained and I would have been PO'd to set up the tent and then have things wet to tear down.

    After that no problems camping wise. husband and easy child had a stand off one night over a sandwich. She ate about 2/3 decided she wasn't going to finish it. I said just eat it. He took the ball on that one and decided that it was going to be she eats it or does nothing else. He actually won because i walked away. She was behaving like a five year old and I had told her that. He just went with it and told her that he and her would sit there the rest of the trip if she didn't eat it. At first she didn't believe him but she finally got it that he was not kidding.

    That was the only major incident.

    Last night was too funny. Every night there were concerts. Some pretty good ones at that. Last night was supposed to be Mark Chesnutt. I had seen him in concert before and was not really impressed with the show. His music was good but he really didn't play to the crowd. So The announced that he was sick the night before and that we were getting someone else. I was not broken up about it. It was Rhett Akins. He did a great show. Not only his music but he was messing around. One of his guitar players was fiddling with the guitar while he was talking and it sounded like stray cat strut so he started singing it. Just an awesome show. Then he announced that he would sign autographs and take pictures with everyone. So we got in the line for that.

    When we got to the front for our turn he looked at easy child and said "hi cowgirl I like your hat". She grinned and then handed him the picture she wanted signed. Then she asked if she could have her picture with him...He tossed his pen on the table said "no i am not doing that" in full joke mode so she tossed back "tuff your gonna anyway". I was shocked she had it in her. Then as she walked to the side to get the picture take he saw she was wearing Daisy Duke type shorts. He made some comments about them and her behind and I just cleared my throat. His head whipped around and he says "I suppose your the Momma". I said "yes, yes I am." He took another look at easy child and asks "how old is she?" I say in my stern momma voice "16" He returns with "well she has to grow up some day." I said "Not today". He laughed and said he felt my pain because he has a 14 year old girl.

    It was such a fun moment. He was well lubricated with what looked like beer in his cup.

    Here are the pictures of easy child and then me with him.

    Lots of other fun over the last few days. But that is one of the best moments in a long time. I think the way he whipped his head and made the momma comment was just priceless.

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    What a great way to end the Summer! Great pictures Momma!

    Welcome back!

    p.s. I promise not to mention tomorrow - just enjoy the rest of today! :)
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    How exciting! What a great trip. I'm glad you had a good time, and welcome back. ML
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    It sounds like overall you had a great time. I'm so glad you were FINALLY able to get away. You really needed it.

    Glad to see you back on the board, though, too. :D
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    Sounds like fun!!

    I have to chuckle at the sandwhich story. I grew up in a household where you had to eat EVERYTHING on your plate regardless if you were hungry or not. I tried that philosophy with my oldest with many tantrums. Scrap that. BUT...you don't eat until the next meal. Maybe then you'll be hungry. It's not worth the battle.

    The concert sounds like it was great!