We got the IEP!

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    I'm so happy!!! They kept me waiting for the answer till the very end of the meeting. I was sweating it out, lol. I thought for sure he would qualify under OHI but he ended up qualifying through the autistic spectrum instead. I don't really care what qualified him, I'm just glad he got it. His test scores were interesting. He tested in the high average range for intelligence, and in speech/language he tested way above average. I was surprised. For a kid that didn't start talking until he was almost three, I thought that was pretty good of him. The counselor was even impressed. On the Connor's test he scored very high for ADHD, not surprising. On the Asperger's questionaire they gave me and his teacher, he scored likely to have the disorder on both, so he scored pretty high on that test as well. I still can't believe I was in denial about his autism for so many years. He preschool teacher, who worked with many autistic kids, said she was sure he had it. I didn't believe her because I simply didn't want to. Now it's a little hard to ignore. I have come to accept his diagnosis as a part of who he is and I plan on doing as much research on the disorder as possible.

    Anyway, I am super relieved. Now he qualifies to get on the Special Education bus for the boys and girl's club, so his after school daycare will be free next year. Another huge relief. The after school daycare he's at now is quite expensive and I am struggling financially because of it. What a huge weight lifted off of me. Oh, and I asked his teacher how he did yesterday with his first dose of Focalin. She said he did awesome. She said he produced more work yesterday than she's ever seen him do all year! So it looks like his pill is a keeper for now. She also said that he actually started a conversation with her yesterday morning, something he NEVER does. She thought it was great that he took the initiative and spoke up for the first time. I am super happy. This was totally the outcome I was hoping for.
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    :hapydancsmil:doing the happy dance with ya , for ya - anyway we're dancin
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    Way To Go, Warrior Mom!
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    great job! i'm glad you got the help he needs....its awesome when it finally comes together.
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    :hi5:good job! I love the chain reaction it has on your life. Just awsome.
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    Oh what a joyous day! You really deserve this, and of course he deserves the best! Congrats warrior mom!
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    Oh, that is wonderful news!
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    YIPPEEEEEEEEEE! I am sooo happy for you both. He deserves it and so do you. Yea, it is kinda hard to deny something when it keeps slapping you in the face (the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)). Hopefully, as you do your research and asking questions here (many of us are THERE with you), things will look even brighter for you. I am so excited at the possibilities you will learn. Now, treat yourself. Ya' done good!
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    I forgot to mention, guess who was a big no show? His dad was told twice when the IEP was and he was told way in advance. He chose to ignore it and not come. Big surprise. In the last six and a half years he has not been to one single IEP meeting. He is not involved with their education at all. It's a pity. He is still in denial about the ADHD and the autism. He thinks my son doesn't need any help at all and he's just purposely being a difficult child. Had he been at the IEP and heard what everybody had to say about his testing and observations, he may have changed his mind. He won't believe me when I tell him. difficult child 1 graduates on the fourteenth. She bet me 5 bucks he will not show up. I am trying to stay positive and I told her that I'm sure he could take come on his lunch break and take an extra half hour off to be there. I'm not so sure. His job is more important. She will be highly disappointed if he does not come. She is not very hopeful and I hate to say it but neither am I.
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    Can you get a copy of the attendance list from the IEP meeting? Just... paper trail for future issues...
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    Congratulations - great news. I know the feeling about getting the after-school daycare stuff taken care of without going broke - congrats on that too.
  13. Happy happy happy news!! I'm thrilled for you!

    It's too bad that his father wasn't there. I think it is hard for men and their egos sometimes. This is the offspring that they have produced and I think some men just can't grasp that they would produce children that have issues or difficulties or are less than perfect in the eyes of the world. I think it is harder for them to cast their ego's aside and look at what is right for the child. As nurturer's it is our nature to cast our wants/needs/desires and egos aside for the good of our children. One of the big differences between most men and women in my humble opinion. This is what I saw to a certain degree with my husband and my son. husband is starting to see the light now and because of that it is easier to talk to him about things.