we had a visit from a behavioral management specalist today

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by candiecotton, May 31, 2010.

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    she came to follow up on C&S because when they werent home they were not behaving lke they are now so they recomended one . se was doing a follow up . she said that theyre doing great & do not need any more follow up & they advised to keep C on a ridgid chedgule ( she was diag with add a few months ago ,i really dont want to medicate her so were doing alternative things.)

    When we were discussing the issues with G she said shes was going to speak with the worker to see if she can work with us & G because she can work with her here as well as the group home & she will work around our schedules ( hubby works nights me days & weekends its just nuts)

    so hopefully this will be a step forward with G , sh had another appointment today & she didnt come down shes still mad we sent her back yesterday , ( she was just horrible & i didnt have the energy to deal with her )

    so that was today lets hope soon we will be able to go forward
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    Hopefully G will accept the help and you can all move forward together!

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    I recommend a rigid schedule, no matter what.
    Problem is, I'm not good at enforcing it. :(