We had an audience just now!!!!!

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    Bad anger again today...Anyways skip forward half an hour Icescream truck comes by dad stops em and my son refuses to go across the street with my dad!Truck starts to leave son yells stop.. truck stopped he wouldnt go over arguing with us...back and fourth!!! He says he can but he rarely looks for cars... so my dad raised his voice telling him to make up his mind hes not crossing the street alone while my son was screaming "shutup, get in the da *& house " etc!!! My dad yelled back and my son yelled even louder- neighbors staring here... I saw that and told them my son is ADHD/ODD/ Severe anger issues and possibly other like BIPOLAR!!! They just stared as if we were hurting my son or something!!!! Son went across street and got his icecream... Mailman walking by.. handed me the mail with the" u horrible as a parent look" I again explained my sons issues.... he just smiled like ya right.. :(

    We need more help for his deffience and rage!!! He is not going to get any better without counseling and im frustrated Dr hasnt sent us!!!! Everyday he threatens the girl that plays with her ... chasing her, next he tried/does hit her.., threatens,etc also with his sis, us, etc. Well,, this was all BEFORE he started both medications!!!! But its deff not calming him.. rage is all the same :hamwheelsmilf:

    ***No need to respond.. Just wanted to vent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know its always the same with me so I just came to breathe!!!!!Hope you all have a better weekend then I!!!! HUGS
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    Aaaargh! I'm so sorry! I remember picking up my son from a computer camp one yr on a college campus, and he started a screaming match with-me in the pkng lot. Campus police came over to see what was going on because parents complained.
    Of COURSE I'm going to respond to you. I could be reading about my own family!