We had difficult child's iep yesterday

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    and it went well. I wasn't dreading it before hand and it went smoothly. difficult child is doing well in difficult child terms and does much better at school than he does at home. They even mentioned that difficult child is trying to be a good friend to someone who is headed down a bad path. It is a friend of difficult child's at school (difficult child still has no friends he does things with outside of school). They said he tries to be a good friend without making the bad choices his friend is making. difficult child even tells when the student is going to skip, not because he wants to tattle but he does not want this friend to get into trouble.

    They kept telling us how much difficult child has matured (wish we saw more of that at home).

    Next year he will be a TA in ceramics. Who would have thought it?

    The entire meeting took less than an hour.

    The reason I post this is that it is so different from ieps of past. I used to dread them. They always took more than 1 meeting (usually 2 or 3 one hour meetings). Although the Special Education teachers would try to focus on his positives he just struggled so much that it was difficult to do so.

    I never would have believed years ago that we would have such a positive iep meeting (last year's was too although not as positive).
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    This warms my heart. I'm proud of difficult child for all his growth and hope it continues.