We had yet another staffing for her

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    After Friday nights call and my moment on the phone I was wondering how today would go.

    She is getting another year in foster care - unless she runs after 18. Then the placement drops her and dhs drops her as a client. I informed her and husband concurred that if that happens she better have a plan cuz guess what she isn't coming here at that point.

    So one of the things that they are going to do is show her the homeless shelters :crazy2: so she will see where she can go. She sat there saying I will not go there. So this is one of those things we will see about. If they don't do it we can always find out where one of them is and go when we go down.

    So in discussing some of this stuff for her future I was a bit annoyed. Her transition worker didn't come to the meeting. We have not met her. I called and left a message for her and I will leave one for her everyday at this point until I find out what her excuse is. Then I will be expecting her to catch up to all we discussed and be working with the plan. I mean how can you work on transitioning with her if your not there to hear what we (gfg1s team) come up with.

    Then as we were discussing things gfg1s therapist jumped way on down my throat when I was asking something in an example situation. I took several deep breathes and moved on. I am not sure if I am just going to let that one go (difficult child wasn't in the room at the time) or address it. She has never done anything like it and as such it may just be an off day. I also did ask husband afterward if I had imagined her response to me and he said oh no I hadn't. So I am still debating on this one. Probably will note it in my own files and if it happens again then I will address it. Everyone is entitled to an off day once in a while.

    Of course at the end of the meeting difficult child 1 was asked a question and she said that she didn't have time at school to do something.

    Me of course figured I hadn't mentioned anything about the call or anything with her and it had been avoided in the staffing so here was my one opening to just point out something. so I said I can think of at least one point in the past you had time. I thought her case worker from her Residential Treatment Center (RTC) was going to fall off her chair. She knew exactly what I meant. difficult child did not at first. Then she started to hem and haw and case worker said no not a word you will do what you need to do end of discussion. And difficult child dropped it. I had to point it out only to let her know that she was full of it.

    We had a chat with the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) caseworker and we may look at guardianship of her for a couple years. Not sure but thinking of it. Because with guardianship she doesn't have to live with us but we can still guide her path. Because when asked the case worker isn't sure she is capable of taking care of herself and if she will ever be. One more thing to contemplate.

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    I missed your first post - had to go back and figure this one out! You done good!
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    I'm laughing at that, too. Way to go :warrior: for shutting down THAT argument. I bet she didn't intend for her attempt to rile you to come back and bite her.

    As for the rest, sigh....