We have all aged a quarter of a year.....



Since..yesterday?? Wasn't it yesterday we were talking about the LAST day of school?? We were all so proud that difficult child's made it, and looking forward to our vacations and warm weather.

I am just not ready for the Fall, school, weather.


I think I forgot to have MY vacation. :hammer:

I have butterflies in my stomach thinking of school. And I'm not even going!

Ok..all those who have started school have had a wonderful week or two right?? Kids LOVE it right?

Here's to a wonderful school year !! :smile:


This summer their was no vacation for us. It zoomed by and we didn't get near what we(ok I) planned done on the house. School itself has not been an issue here and I hate to say that outloud (or type it out loud) because that is just an invitation that it will end.

Good luck on your beginning.



Amen sister! I forgot to have mine as well. Maybe next year. I hope your son has a great start to the new school year. Thinking of you and sending big ((((((((((((KJS))))))))))))) MicheleL


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You know what is almost too much to comprehend? In just 4 years my school experiences will start all over again...lmao lmao lmao!

I wonder if they still have the same principal at the local elementary school?