We have difficult child's release date!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Feb 16, 2010.

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    He had been told that he could formally request release the first Tues. in March then get released 30 days after the request was submitted, which would have been submitted oon that Thurs. Since that put the release at the start of this sd's spring break, I told him to ask if they would consider the Wednesday before that weekend so I could get him registered back in school before spring break and he could actually start school when the students all return from break.

    Anyway, he asked today (he was reluctant because he thought it would tic the behavioral counselor off)- but much to everyone's surprise, she got permission from PO to release difficult child on March 18th- two weeks earlier than we'd hoped!! I'm excited but unprepared but it's ok- I'll get there!!

    I had just been at the store and recently started picking up little things I knew he'd need or like each time I go to the store. I sure am glad I'd already started that. I plan to have a "mini" set of gifts or something to represent each major holiday he missed but it won't be elaborate or expensive stuff- mainly stuff he needs like shaving stuff, mainstream underwear and sweats, toiletiries, etc. And gift cards.

    They have told difficult child that this is because he's been so good all in all but honestly, it's just like everything else in this system- it's based on availability of resources and funding, I feel sure.

    difficult child told me Sunday he'd been making lists of things he'd like when he gets released. I was relieved and happy when he mentioned things like Roman noodles in different flavors (inexpensive) and just hanging out with the dogs and me at home watching a movie or talking a day or two after getting home- this is what I'd wanted, too. He'll be on house arrest but I'm glad to hear he didn't want to invite a bunch of kids over right off the batt. So one of his gifts is going to be a small box full of various flavors of Roman noodles. LOL!!
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    I am so glad he is getting out. I hope things go smoothly from here on out - with NO further legal troubles.

    The little gifts sound fun - for both of you.
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    Oh KLMNO, I'm so happy to hear this news. It's been a long time and I hope if he learned nothing else, it's that he doesn't want to go back there.