We have had two GREAT days!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mattsmum, Aug 11, 2007.

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    Per the recommendation of the Neuro-psychiatric. we switched therapists and medication management professionals.

    Through a discussion with the Psychiatrist, the following medication. changes were made...

    250mg Depakote ER in A.M.

    40mg Strattera in P.M.
    1000mg Depakote in P.M. (taken at 7:00 instead of bedtime so he won't have trouble falling asleep)

    I have noticed that he is irritable mid-morning, so I have been giving him 10mg Methalyn and the rest of the day goes fine...best it has been in a L-O-N-G time!! :smile:

    Plus...dairy and eggs have been removed from his diet, which makes a BIG difference.

    I hope this lasts!!! :smile:
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    Glad to hear about your great days! :bravo: Its nice when there are great days, isn't it? If you don't mind me asking, what effect does the eggs and dairy have?
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    Super !! :smile:
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    We went to a naturopathic dr. and had a blood panel done (they took some blood out of the tip of his finger). The nat. Dr. then sent that blood to a lab where they tested it for 96 different food sensitivities (not allergies).

    After the results came back, I was given a bar graph with each food listed. difficult child was off the charts for dairy and egg products, garlic and filbert nuts. He also reacted somewhat to Soy and Wheat. Since then I have done a lot of research and quite a few ADHD kids react to dairy. I know my son used to SCREAM with his bottles as an infant...even when we switched to Soy.

    Nat.Dr. recommended taking him off dairy/egg for 2 months so his system can heal. So, I took him off of dairy/egg. I tried to avoid soy, but it seems to be in A LOT of things that are dairy-free. He had a stretch of good days when he was off dairy/egg.

    Medical doctors/therapists/Psychiatrists that I have spoken to don't buy into the nat. methods...so I slowly started letting him have dairy...I started doubting it. I didn't see any negative behaviors at first...then it got bad...really bad. To the point where I told my husband I was going to try again. Since then he has been doing MUCH better. I avoid any ingredient that even hints at dairy...whey, caesin, calcium. I feel a big offender is calcium propionate (see my other post).
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    Wow, I had now idea. I do have a son that is ADHD but he is in treatment right now, so for now, I will go with the doctors recc. I will definitely think about it for the future though. Thanks for your information :smile: