We made to Residential Treatment Center (RTC)

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    So difficult child is at Residential Treatment Center (RTC). At the last minute I cancelled the secure transport, difficult child said he would feel better if i took him. I told him I would have to child lick his for and he agreed to that. He had moments of anger, fear, tears and a panic attack or two, but never tried to get out of the car or get physical.

    We went to the bookstore and got him a book and an art set before we left, and he did great in the store. Stopped and got lunch before we got there.

    When we got there he was asking everyone questions, anyone who walked into the reception area. He was just to anxious to wait to ask the treatment team leaders in his cottage.he was happy to see old psychiatrist. When psychiatrist said he would be treating him, he said yay. That was sweet. He found out he could keep his game boy as it cannot access the internet, he was happy about that. He had a roommate, a 15 yr old boy. Seems like a nice kid, I liked how he introduced himself to difficult child and told him he was his roommate.

    He has school monday thru thursday. They work with with dbt and cps. I am pleased with that, I think that will do him a lot of good. I like the staff, and they have a good staff to client ratio. The bedrooms lock from the outside but not the inside, so if difficult child is in his room he is not locked in, but no one but staff can get out.

    Not sure if they are going to do a complete medication wash or just try a different ap. The concern with doing a complete medication wash is he could end up being transfered to psychiatric hospital. I asked facility psychiatrist to call current psychiatrist and talk to her about it. I have him her cell phone number and he said he would call her. He mentioned seroquel and I have been thinking of that myself.

    I cried for half an hour after I left, as I drove off I brushed a garbage can and knocked off my passenger side view mirror. I could care less. I really hope this is the best thing for difficult child, I cannot help but wonder.
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    ((((hugs)))) I know this must be so difficult. Sending prayers for you and difficult child.
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    ((((CM)))), aw, big hugs. Sending continued prayers for all of you. It sounds like the transport went well and that difficult child felt comfortable-I believe that's huge! Breathe.
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    ((((HUGS)))) and Prayers heading out.

    Sounds like it went well and difficult child did well getting acclimated to his surroundings. So glad you got to take him yourself without incident.
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    I know how hard it is - but I am betting, esp with his attitude, it will be the best thing for him.

    Being able to take him yourself probably helped you a lot, too. No fighting... Trust me, I'd like to go this route...
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    I know that leaving him there was hard, but look at how he was when you brought him there. Even though he was anxious, you stopped at a store with him. Brought him out for lunch. And he was good in the car ride over there. I think that is a tremendous thing. I hope that he continues to be willing to get the help that he needs.
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    Wow, you did an amazing thing for him. I am so glad the transport worked out that way for both of your sakes. You are right, big deal about the mirror, you have larger fish to fry. It can be easily fixed.

    Sounds like he arrived appropriately and it is perfectly understandable he had such anxiety, but I am so impressed how he handled it.

    Keep us updated, it reminds me to throw an extra prayer in for him! HUGS, buddy
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    Way to go! It sounds like it went about as well as one can expect. Just steel yourself for the moment that will come when he decides it is stupid, they are being mean to him, and he is well enough to go home...when the honeymoon is over.

    You will never know if you did the right thing...all you know is that he was on path to nowhere good, and you did the best you could at giving him a shot for a better life. It is good that you have his psychiatrist here to bounce any concerns off and intercede on his behalf if necessary.

    Just keep telling him you love him when he asks why why why.

    From my experience I wandered around in a dazed state for a few days--it does get better.

    I am so glad it went well. Way To Go, Warrior Mom. I know it was hard for you.
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    It is hard. His dig misses him, I am numb, dazed is a good description.

    I am sure I will get calls about how he hates it, and who knows what else his complaints will be. It wool be hard, but I will deal with it. Besides, nothing about this had been easy, why would that change now?

    Right now I am trying to take care of things like letting his school here know what is going on, canceling appts, and working with the wrap coordinator to find ways to fund my going up there. It is hard to do anything right now, but I have to.

    I don't work today, but easy child/difficult child dtr has an appointment to get her birth control and then with an ENT as she has recurrent sinus infections and antibiotics aren't helping, she had been on 3 different ones!

    I will figure out when difficult children family therapy visits are, and need to call and figure out when his psychiatrist visits will be as I want to be there for them too. There is just too much to do, and I don't want to do
    Any of it.
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    Ohhh, I want to hug you. I know all about the crying and brushing the garbage can stuff. Typical but no less painful.
    by the way, if your difficult child is on antibiotics, it decreases or even eliminites the potency of most birth control pills, FWIW.