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    psychiatric hospital psychiatrist. today. So far they haven't changed around any medications, just the timing of some of them (I found that strange since he has been there a week).

    She is going to add an extra dosage of Clonodine in the late afternoon. She also mentioned the possibility of adding in a new medication. One possibility is something that is usually used for Alzheimer's patients and I forgot what the other one was. One of them he couldn't take if they keep him on the Clonidine.

    We have a meeting Monday after work with a huge staff. I'm worried they are going to want to discharge him sooner than he is truly ready. He, of course, is doing well in the hospital as always. However, during one visit he punched me in the arm a few times (on Wednesday), and today he was verbally aggressive at the start of the visit.

    On a good news front I'm hopeful he may qualify for a program that would provide us with much more support including more respite! My therapist thinks he might and this psychiatrist thought so as well even though last time we tried they wouldn't even consider difficult child for the program. She seems to think they have relaxed their qualifications some.

    She would like us to take him out on a pass tomorrow to see how he does in that situation. We're going to give it a try if the first part of the visit goes well.

    So that's the update on this end.
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    Hang in there! At least in the Northeast, there has been a big push to get kids out of the hospital as soon as possible--usually prematurely. I would let them know if you think difficult child is not ready to go home and why. Maybe make a list before the meeting?

    Sorry to hear you are going through this!
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    Sharon, I too am a bit surprised the psychiatric hospital psychiatrists haven't done more medication changing because that seems to be the first order of business whenever my kids have been in day treatment in a psychiatric hospital. Does the psychiatrist think your difficult child is stable? Did she give you any idea of medication changes to come? Any change in diagnosis at all?

    Hope your visit tomorrow goes well and more services come through. Mega hugs coming your way.
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    Was the medication for Alzheimer patients Aricept? Does your difficult child seem to be more stable? Wow...more respite/services sounds great! Prayers that this comes to pass.
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    I certainly hope that at the end of it all, you are able to receive better / extended / enhanced services.

    Keeping you guys in my prayers.
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    LA2-Good idea, I will bring a list.

    SW-No changes at all in dxs. She says he is definitely Bipolar. I think she thinks the increase in Loxapine we started before he was hospitalized is kicking in. I'm not so sure as much as I think he thrives in the structure of the psychiatric hospital. She talked about some possible medication changes but didn't say whether she planned on doing it right now or not-it was confusing.

    Nomad-That wasn't the name of the medication.-I know of the two she mentioned one was used for the Alzheimer's and one was something else. One began with a P and one with an M or N. Some visits he seems more stable than others.

    BBK-Thanks for the prayers!

    Today we took him on a pass to Culver's. At first he didn't want to go because he didn't want to miss anything at the hospital. Then he came and his behavior was pretty good for difficult child-he did have a few rude moments. However, he was anxious to return to the hospital. He was tired and fell asleep on the way back.
  7. Big Bad Kitty

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    Well, heck. Things must be pretty OK there if he was willing to miss Culvers.
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    I am a bit surprised too, that the psychiatrists have not changed medications. Although it sounds like they want to, but want to do it as he is been discharged??? Uh, No!

    It sounds like the medication they want to try is Provigil? This is a medication that is used to increase mental clarity in Alzheimers patients, give energy to those suffering from Fibro, and possibly could help concentration in kids with ADHD. Does that sound like the right medication, or if it would help him? If so, I would insist it be done while in phosph, because that medication can be activating.

    Whatever the case, if he punched you in the arm, he is not ready to be discharged. Did you tell them he had done that?

    Sending hugs, and positive energy your way. Hang in there.