We need 900 signatures....please help

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    The NOEWAIT Organization has created a petition to get Obama to end the waitlist for all states for the developmental disabled please read below and help vote.

    We have an opportunity to get the waiting list and portability issues in front of the Obama transition team that involves YOU. It's time now! Many of you have wanted to do something...and this will take only a few minutes to do.

    Renee created an idea on the Obama Transition team site that needs VOTES.
    We need over 900 votes to get to the top of the Health Care list of ideas. And WE CAN DO IT. Go there and VOTE. Then, send a message to every listserv you are on and ask others to vote. Then, if you have a web site or blog, create a widget to put on your site or blog to get others to vote. Put it on you Myspace or Facebook page. See how many votes you can find. I KNOW we can do it!

    You never know if one of your children will ever need this service.
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    Done. Cool site!
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    Added my vote! Interesting site!
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    Thanks for posting this!!! I've added my vote. WFEN
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    Thanks to the people that have voted......please people we need your vote before Dec 31st to make it to 900 signatures.

    It will be greatly appreciated by all whom it affects!:D