We SURVIVED the psychiatrist visit!!!!!!!!!


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I was quite nervous, I'll admit. M almost had a little meltdown last night and I was starting to get a little anxious about what might happen this morning, but surprisngly, it went well!

I got both boys dressed (C still has two days left of school) and M asked why he had to get dressed so early and I told him that we had a DR appointment this morning. He asked what KIND of Dr and I told him and he was on the verge of shutting down on me...BUT, rather than shutting down or melting down, he told me that he didn't want to talk to the Dr. So, I told him he didn't have to talk, that I would do all of the talking, but he did need to go with me, and he agreed. :bravo:

The appointment started approx. 40 minutes late (I figured a 9:30 am appointment, how late could he be...I guess I underestimated him! LOL) and M sat and drew a picture.

psychiatrist decided to leave medications as they are for 4 weeks and see how we do. So, we're going back at the end of July. He also gave us two names for a therapist.

He DID say something that has me wondering however. He said something along the lines of, "Didn't he see Dr. K?" M has never seen a therapist....BUT, Dr. K is *MY* therapist whom I told all of my horrible experiences with this psychiatrist to. Is it possible that she contacted him about it? Can she do that? They used to work together.

Anyway...we survived our psychiatrist appointment! No rage at all! I am so relieved!


Alison, glad things went well this morning. You sound very relieved.

In terms of the therapist, it's been my epxerience that mental health professionals do talk to each other. But I have usually signed a release allowing them to do so. It would be perfectly well within your rights as a patient to ask the therapist if she talked to the psychiatrist. Would certainly be interesting to know.