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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by barbie, Mar 26, 2008.

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    We went to see the psychiatrist today, at first I was nervous one more person to present all of Erics issues to, and then surprisingly without any prompting, he said what we knew, The dr is 60% sure Eric falls somewhere in the Autism Spectrum and we are also being sent to a neurologist to do an EEG, which I dont mind but I honestly think that maybe Ill be better off asking the docs I work for to give Eric a sleep study and get a more accurate depiction of what the brain is doing while he sleeps. Im going to see, cause it includes an EEG and a reading of how well he is sleeping. They also wanted to do risperadol but united wont cover it, so we gonna try dexadrine but im wailling to fight for the risperadol, Ive already fought UHC before and won Ill do it again. One thing is for sure he definitely know he has ADHD.
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    I'm glad you finally got someone to take your suspicions seriously. Way to go.:warrior:

    Yes, if you have the option to do the sleep study, go for that instead. You'll get a better sampling of data. You'll also want assessments in speech/language, occupational therapy for motor skills and sensory, and audiology. Have you been in contact with the school district yet--I can't remember?
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    YOu'll also want to get him into early interventions at your public school. That made a world of difference to my son who is on the spectrum (his first diagnosis. was also ADHD, but he DOESN'T have it). All Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) kids have attentional problems. In my son's case, his "ADHD" disappeared. He is almost 15 and the most sedate child on earth. I have to force him to move! Yet as a toddler, he never stopped moving, literally had to be pulled from the chandeliers. Stims made him aggressive and mean.
    I'm glad you have some answers. Get those interventions! They REALLY help.
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    Good deal!!! Glad you could finally find some affirmation and help. Keep us posted on what comes next.
    p.s. I hate health insurance companies. :(
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    Once the psychiatrist uttered the words looking at Eric, Im 100% sure he is ADHD, but I am also 60% sure that he has something along the autism spectrum. I think I must have looked incredible, to this man who just gave me what to anyone else would be a mind blowing diagnosis, and me looking at him blackly like okay, so what do we do now. He continues talking and he's talking about risperdal would be a great medication for eric but because of Eric's age UHC probably wouldn't cover it. The only things spinning in my head is someone else is seeing what the pediatrician saw, what i saw. Im not crazy there really is something different here. It was validating, but with that said, Eric started his IEP this week and he did ok on Tuesday and Wednesday, today was something else, he escaped the seatbelt on his school bus and for some odd reason called everyone an a**hole today. He said it once after he got home and I kinda popped his mouth and told him that is not a nice word and we shouldnt say it or call other people that because it would hurt their feelings. He stared at me dumbfounded. In shock.

    I applied today for SSI for Eric and I dont know how all that is gonna go, only that lord knows that I have documentation from teachers, doctors, therapists, and now a psychiatrist. All the schools Eric has been kicked out of, all the days Ive taken off to pick Eric up, take to this dr to the other dr, to get him to therapy all the people Ive had to talk to. Hopefully if I dont get some idiot who cant read and get the picture of what is going on here then maybe Ill be able to take Eric to the doctors and not worry about making the hours up at work, cause that income will help get things paid, and open the doors to doctors and specialists we need.

    Any suggestions? anyone?
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    Barbie, I wish I had suggestions and advice for going down this road, but I haven't been there yet. I'll just put in my moral support. Hang in there and keep up the good fight.