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    Her cough never completely resolved so I took her to her allergist (he also treats asthma). They did a flow peak, then nebulizer, then flow peak again. She showed dramatic improvement the second time around. He feels she also has an unresolved sinus infection which caused the initial irritation.

    Here's her medications:

    1 tsp Zyrtec syrup daily
    Nasonex nightly
    Epipen, Jr in the event of an anaphalactic event

    1 puff nightly of Asmanex as a maintenance medication
    2 puffs every 4 to 6 hours of Proventil as a rescue inhaler

    Sinus Infection:
    1 tab twice a day of Amox for 14 days
    1 tsp twice a day for 3 days then 1 tsp in the am for 3 days of prednisolone

    Aye Carumba!
  2. house of cards

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    I'm sorry she has to deal with asthma now, too. Hope she doesn't mind the treatments too much. Once she realizes it helps her breathing she will probably be ok.
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    So sorry. Do they think they can pare down the asthma medications once the sinus infection is gone?
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    Oh, geez!

    Hope the medications do the trick.

    Watch out for that predisone.... It made me nearly crazy. lol Cut her some slack if you notice a behavior change.

    My brother had asthma as a young child. Scary stuff sometimes.
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    My older sister has asthma, too. Or did as a child, not sure if that goes away - but I have not seen any signs of it in years. Of course, she does not have gym class anymore, either! LOL!

    I do recall a few very scary episodes where she felt she could not breathe. I hope it tends to clear at non-allergy times of the year.

    Feel better Duckie!!
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    Missy has the same problem, but is usually controlled with the Nasonex. Hopefully after the infection is over and with regular use of the Nasonex, you can get her off the Asmanex. I suspect that will turn her into a whirling dirvish, especially with the combo of the Proventil.
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    Wow, quite the regimen.
    She'll feel better after the sinus infection is gone.
    Her allergies that trigger the asthma should taper off after the first frost, too, and she can back off the medications. Fall is always a rough time.
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    Thanks for the replies. One correction: the allergist used a spirometry test before and after the nebulizer, not a peak flow.

    I'm already starting to see her have trouble with the steroid. She's already going out of her way to be aggravating and difficult. At least the prednisolone is for only six days. husband says he hopes her overall demeanor improves because "now she'll be getting more oxygen to the brain". :hammer:

    I was pretty stressed out when the staff handed a total of four new prescriptions. I think I'm decently intelligent when it comes to medications, but there was just way too much information at once. I asked the nurse to explain it slowly so as to minimize the chance of mistakes. I came home and actually made a chart to keep on the fridge until we fall into a routine.
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    Good idea to keep the chart, TM!

    I've taken prednisone myself and I turn into a talking machine. When it wears off, I get depressed and weepy. I can imagine how much harder it would be with-a difficult child. So sorry. I'm sending strength for the days ahead.
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    Tahnks, I think I'm going to need some extra strength.
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    The chart is a really good idea. Sorry about the asthma. difficult child used to have asthma but seems to have outgrown it. It was when he was really young (2 or 3). Of course, my difficult child always has to do something different, his wheezing was always on the out breath vs. the in breath!

    I hope she is feeling better soon. Hugs.