We Were Robbed Today

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by jal, May 20, 2010.

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    husband came home this afternoon to find our Boston out on the deck. She is NEVER left out. He then found our sliding glass door lock smashed open and the door open about a foot.. They made a bee line for our bedroom dresser and practically wiped it clean of my jewelry. They also took a camcorder (it was out because we just taped difficult child riding in his first horse show). They were in and out with-in 1 min. We had local and state police here and a state police K-9 unit. I fled home from work. En route I called my mother, who thankfully left work and came over to intercept difficult child from school and take him and the dog to her house.

    Our Boston was outside for 2+ hours (thank G*d they didn't take her, hurt her or that she ran off), based on the time our neighbor heard her come down the deck. She can't see over here, but heard her and her dogs started going nuts at the same time. She had to go in for a 12:30 work conference, as she works from home and then proceeded to break her wrist, so she felt so bad she didn't check it out further. My cat is an indoor cat, so luckily he didn't venture outside, but I couldn't find him for 3 hours. Once the police left he showed himself. They were so quick they left a few pairs of 14K earrings. Thought that was it, but came home later tonight to see they wiped out several large change jars.

    Police have a few leads and are very determined to catch them. We live in a small, what is noted as an "affluent" town in CT. Our home is off the road, secluded with only 1 neighbor next to us. With all the leaves, you can't even see our house from the road this time of year.

    I am thankful it was not more. The electronics, games and tv's are all here, but the feeling of being violated is terrible.

    difficult child to the surprise of everyone said to my mom, "I'm just glad mom, dad, Nicki and Jasper and me are all OK". (Huge for difficult child to convey empathy verbally - although he shows it physically!) When we got home later poor difficult child was locking up what is left of my stuff so no one can take it. Luckily, my good everyday pieces I had on, the REALLY good stuff isn't kept here, but the loss of a lifetime of decent pieces from husband, parents and grandparents really s*cks.

    You know, you always think its a possibility, but you never really think it'll happen to you. Especially where we live. But then again, things are bad and people are desperate, whatever their vice. UGH. I don't share a lot of day to day or much when difficult child is quiet, but its really been a week...and a year...I'm done.
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    Wow, I'm glad that everyone is "ok"...

    hugs and peace.
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    That is such an enormous feeling of violation. One doesn't really understand until you've been through it.:(

    So glad the boston stayed home and didn't wander or get hurt.

    In and out so fast.......and targeting the good stuff immediately.......any chance this is someone you know or is an acquaintance??

    This is why I will always have big protective dogs inside. My Molly girl has defended her home on several occasions. But they are a huge deterrent the rest of the time. Drives husband insane but I don't even bother to lock the doors when we leave. We're in a small town and Molly would eat anyone who attempted to come in without permission. lol
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    Thank you Shari & Hound dog,

    We used to have a huge rottie, but we lost him at 12 1/2. No one we know. We don't have baby sitters for difficult child (as I'm sure you all understand) and we have lived here 12 yrs with-o incident. No one else has been to our door either. Only people in the house have been family, no outside workers or contractors. Ran into a former teammate of husband's from softball after this tonight...he lives several towns away and has a landscaping business. He was robbed 2 weeks ago. It's just really creeping into our sleepy area.

    Talked with the state police officer with the K-9, he said only deterrent is a big dog. husband is all over that. Our little piece here has always been a "haven" in terms of grassy front and back yard, a large pond and a lot of woods around us and no one "on top" of us. So sad to feel a loss of that.
  5. DammitJanet

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    Get a big dog...shelter dog.

    Also from what you said was taken, my thinking is more teens because they didnt really ransack and take expensive electronics they could sell easily. Also, Im betting they werent in a car.

    If you can, hit up the local pawn shops and take a look around for your pieces in the next couple of days. If you have photos, that is ideal. They may not be able to tell you if they come in but you can sure alert them to the thefts and have them call the cops.

    Again...get a big dog. Love the rottie shepherd mix myself.
  6. LittleDudesMom

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    Glad to hear that everyone is safe. You are right, it could have been worse - they were in and out so quickly.

    I know the violated feeling - many, many moons ago a guy crawled in my kitchen window. Took me awhile to feel "normal".

    Very sweet concern from difficult child - you've taught him well!

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    Not to take away from your feelings - I know, it's horrible....

    This is the "typical" B&E around here. Average is 90 seconds, that's why security systems are a waste of money. We refer to them as "snatch and grab". They take easily pawn-able items and are out. There is usually someone "directing" the thief(s) who is usually a younger person that gets $20 or some drugs for the heist.

    And yes, a dog - the bigger and louder the better - is the best deterent. Several years ago we had a rash of 80 break ins (the perp got cocky and the last house had a person in it, who could then identify him). Not a single house had a dog. The guy broke into all the homes during the day, when people were at work. Took jewelry, electronics, what have you.

    I'm sorry you were "hit". I hope you can get back the pieces that had sentimental value to you.
  8. Jal,

    Hugs....So sorry to hear about the break-in - it is such a horrible feeling to know that strangers were in your home. I'm just so glad that your Boston made it through safely.

    Take special care the next few weeks. The m.o. around here is for a second break-in following the first. The idea is that the burglars are more familiar with the layout of the house - and folks have often replaced the missing items. The police here routinely warn folks about this process. Got to hate those criminal minds.

  9. Lothlorien

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    I'm sorry about this. I can't imagine that feeling of having your home violated. I agree about the large dog thing. One of the reasons we got a larger dog this time. I was just speaking with a neighbor and she worked with a nurse who worked in a correctional facility. They typically avoided houses with security systems, (though some didn't care) and they would avoid houses with large dogs.
  10. hearts and roses

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    So sorry this happened to you. There have been recent B&E's around our area in CT as well - scary because like you, it's a small quiet area where one just wouldn't think it could happen.

    I agree with checking the local pawn shops in neighboring towns. Not sure where you are specifically in CT, but the pawn shops are all over the place, so check your local phone books to find them. And wait to replace anything of value in case they come back again.

    We have three tiny dogs and they make such a racket I think we'd be okay...our oldest would gnaw the feet off anyone who dared to enter our home without an invite, seriously. Maybe a larger louder dog would be good for you. Hugs -
  11. DaisyFace

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    What a terrible thing! So glad that everyone is OK...

    As for targeting the expensive items? I don't think that's a real indicator of anything....other than the burglars "knew" jewelry would be kept in a bedroom jewelry box and spotted the camcorder on their way. Gold is selling for high prices right now and jewelry is so easy to carry and pawn.

    Hopefully, some of your more sentimental pieces can be recovered....
  12. mstang67chic

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    I'm so sorry. You've gotten some good advice and the only thing I can think to add is that show It Takes A Thief. I think they have a website with all sorts of tips and ideas about improving security. You might want to check it out. I know it's kind of like shutting the barn doors after the horse got out but it could prevent another breakin.

  13. jal

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    Thank you everyone for your well wishes and tips. Just a daunting experience. Took me until 3am to get some sleep, so I'm taking it easy today. Poor difficult child was reading the police report and gathering up what I had left and hid it last night. Luckily, he fell asleep quickly and headed off to school in a happy mood.
  14. TerryJ2

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    Jal, I am so sorry.
    And so glad your animals are okay.
    I understand completely why it took you until 3 a.m. to get to sleep!
    difficult child sounds like a sweetie.
    I hope the police get some info, fast, and can recover your things b4 they disappear forever.
    Fingers crossed!
  15. jal

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    The police are doing what they said they would do and are out stopping all the cars that are traveling on our road and speaking to people. I know my stuff is gone, but its nice to see they are going to put forth a strong effort. They told us they don' t tolerate this here and last year solved 11 out of the 16 B&E cases they had. You know I didn't realize it until late last night but those S*BS stole all our loose change. Even the basket it was in...maybe about $70 worth. Well, there goes husband's Dunkin Donuts $ and difficult child's snack shack money (but maybe the last parts OK, he loves the snack shack - too much!).
  16. susiestar

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    I am so very sorry. The sense of violation is awful. There is nothing wrong with asking your doctor for medications if anyone has trouble sleeping or the anxiety is too much to handle.

    Many hugs. I hope they find the thief(s) and can find your jewelry.
  17. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    How horrible! I am so, so sorry that happened!!! I hope they are able to catch the thieves -- I know it's remote, but maybe they'll find your stuff on them. I would be sick over a loss like that as well. I'm glad no one was hurt, including your pets.

  18. witzend

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    Have you started searching for your stuff on Craigslist yet? You'll probably find it there, but don't waste too much time. They'll sell it for a very low price to get the fastest cash and it will go fast.

    I'm all for the big loud dog. Mine are sweet peas, but a 80 pound labrador goes running to the door and jumps up on it at a level about 6 feet, it can be a bit off-putting. ;)
  19. jal

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    witz - thank you for that idea about Craigslist! I appreciate that lead. I don't see it as of yet, but will monitor it through the weekend.

    Again, thank you to all of you for your well wishes. Never in our lives have husband and I experienced anything like this either together or on our own, nobody we know has ever been robbed this way. I was fine being home today, but certainly did do my share of locking the doors here and there. We only locked up when we were gone. So bizzarre not to have my screen doors wide open on this gorgeous day.
  20. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    jal -

    Well......I can tell you from being invaded so many times - that it's not really what gets taken that will bother you in the coming days. It's going to be your sense of security and the range of emotions you are going to go through are going to be VAST. May I suggest you call your doctor and just have on standby something for nerves? To help you sleep? See, it's not the items that get taken it's your sense of security. A few tips to help you -

    1.) Rearrange your furniture. If they came in they know the lay out - rearranging will shake things up a little if they come back
    2.) Vacuum carpets in a way that is in up and down patterns to show foot prints clearly
    3.) Windex all the windows very well for fingerprints
    4.) Put baby powder in front of all the windows on the floor in the inside (peace of mind again) and in front of all the doors
    5.) Sweep or rake the dirt under your windows outside to show foot prints and check occasionally
    6.) Put cactus or holly under those window
    7.) Installing alarms - yeah well - by the time someone responds.
    8. ) GET PEPPER SPRAY and learn how to use it.
    9.) You can put glass bottles on the door knobs at night balanced so if someone trys the knobs the glass will fall off - (again peace of mind) and if they do fall - you know someone is jiggling door knobs.
    10.) Ask the police for a patrol for a while due to PTSD
    11.) Let ALL of your neighbors know.
    12.) Check the trader paper - (like witz said CL) and pawn shops. If you have pictures? Take them to the pawn shops - police are really not going to do this for you - really.
    13.) Install dummy cameras from Radio Shack - very cheap

    I hope some/any of this helps.
    Im really sorry for your loss.......stupid stupid people.........OH and also - Check Good wills........Salvation Armys.....they like to dump stuff there too.

    Another thing you can do is ask the local grocery stores if anyone has brought in jars of change or lots of change to exchange recently or on the day of th erobbery for cash.....it's easy to exchange like that.