Weaning off Risperdal- Day 5

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by zba189, Dec 10, 2010.

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    Background- difficult child has been off of Risperdal completely for 5 days now. His psychiatrist did a slow wean. We (husband and I)were not sure if the medication was doing any good and his prolactin levels came back very high.

    My issue is that I have no idea when Risperdal is out of his system and what behavior came be attributed to him no longer on the medication. difficult child has been doing well, no real major issues to speak of. But, difficult child decided this morning to relieve himself in our garage (at 15 degrees on a cold cement floor, he decided to drop his pants). We have not seen this behavior since this summer before we place him in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and they prescribed Risperdal.

    I spoke to him tonight and told him that this behavior is like waving a huge banner saying, "Help me, I can't deal with things". It's not the actual act that is a big deal, it's the feelings behind the act that scare me. After he admitted that he did it, he said his reason was because of all the things he feels guilty about doing in his past. He figures he's just a bad kid and he can't change things. That thought process confuses me because logically (I know logically and difficult child together are laughable) you don't feel guilty and ashamed about something and then add to it. He has expressed this line of thought a lot in the past (off or on the medication).

    I guess I'm just trying figure out if he needs something stronger than the anti-anxiety medication that he is currently on, if this a product of being off Risperdal, if his reasoning is a bunch of... ,or if this just happens to coincide with his medication change. Thoughts, opinions, strong drink recipes?
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    I can't tell you which it is, but my wee difficult child has a similar thought pattern. We are really struggling right now with his feeling that he's just a bad kid, no matter what, and sometimes he acts out because he thinks "why bother?"

    risperdal does help wee with his impulsiveness and anger.
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    Crasher -
    crushed ice
    cranberry juice
    Absolut Citron
    instant whisky sour mix

    You know the basics of mixing, so add one teaspoon of sour mix per shot of vodka, and all you'll taste is the cranberry juice (hence what we named it).