weary of dentist appts, any suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by feelinalone, Feb 12, 2008.

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    When you get a chance, would you please create a profile, similar to mine below, so we know your difficult child's age, dxes and medications if any? Simply go to "User CP" (above left tab) and click on "Edit Profile." It makes answering your questions easier when we have context.

    My difficult child 1 has long had a terrible time with blood draws, immunizations and dentists. The last time he had blood drawn, we did it when he was sedated for an MRI. We have also used Ativan (an anti-anxiety medication) for blood draws. He is actually behind on his immunizations, but we will deal with that soon, probably with Ativan. We are exploring the option of having his teeth cleaned under sedation at the children's hospital in our area. Some pediatric dentists will use "laughing gas" with their patients to get them to relax during examinations. You may have to ask around to figure out your options.

    Good luck -- I know how hard this situation can be.
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    My dad got valium from the dentist when we figured out how bad his anxiety was - after 10 years of no cleanings! He even would go in to the entryway and then hide until we thought he was at the dentist, then walk home - and he didn't walk ANYWHERE for much of a reason at the time.

    I would talk to his psychiatrist and/or the dentist about this issue. They may be more able to guide you to what will most likely work for him. I know that some, like MY kids, get more active on medications that should knock them totally out or relax or sedate them. Not sure why, but the boys especially do.

    I am quite sure the asthma medications in the nebulizer make him feel totally awful - jittery, violent, etc... They make ME feel this way, discovered only after holding my youngest on my lap for asthma treatments. I can't even be in the room with-o real problems.

    Good luck,

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    My approach may not be conventional - but plain and simple - knock him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He'll vent later - but teeth have to come first - mind you this is my own approach as I have had to had extensive jaw surgery and braces for 5 years (including night braces - owwwwwwww) when I was quite young. Do what difficult child needs done in the most painless method possible - but get 'er done (oh my I've been down south way too long!!!!!) Good luck!