Ugh I forgot how sick lexapro makes me!

D/H is still being a walking roller coaster, patience is wearing there. Militant SW saw him yesterday and I don't know what was said but it set him off major.

difficult child II is doing great at program, gets home and blows up at me. They still insist it's "enviromental"

difficult child I is still without a job but did get up in the AM the last 2 mornings.

I feel green and tired and I am wondering where to from here?


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Hi Iana,

I was just thinking about you, and how you were holding up with all those boys (husband included).

Lexapro makes you sick, huh? Can you titrate up in smaller doses? So sorry about that. I am on it, and it works great, if you can get past the sickliness.

Good to hear difficult child 1's life is going better, and it sounds like difficult child 2 is also making strides. Annoying that SW is still saying environmental - but given husband's state, do you think there is a little truth to that statement? Believe me, no one could convince me that this is 100% of the problem, as a lot of kids do act up more at home than anywhere else - but it does sound as if husband is not providing any stability or sense of security for the home right now. I know at one time you were thinking of leaving him - maybe this would be good for a trial to see if difficult child 2's behavior gets better? Just thinking out loud.

Take care - and hang in there.

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I'd also ask about increasing your medication in smaller doses. Not a good side effect to have for sure.

Sounds like you could use some good ol' fashion ME time and catch a break. Try to do something just for yourself. Just to make YOU feel better.

husband will just have to deal with the SW. Too bad he's taking it out on others.



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I wish I can help in more ways than the medications, but I can at least offer advice on the medications (I've taken so many). If Lexapro makes you sick, why not try another antidepressant rather than being sick? The last thing a depressed person needs is feeling sick on top of it.


ugh, feeling a bit better these past 2 days.

difficult child I just blew out of the house, telling me to %^$$#&%&, because I would not drive him to our old town to sleep over his b/f's house. This request comes after he slept the whole weekend away. And our old town is where he got in "legal" troubles. So why does he need to go on a Sun. night when B/F's mom will be at work all day 2morrow??? Nope not happening!

Oh well another day in my "so called life" LOL