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    Lately Wednesday nights are a dream come true for me. Wiz is still angry at me and he tries to goad me into confrontations at times. But he is still doing, and enjoying, something I prayed for years to have happen.

    Wednesday is the night a certain D&D game is played. A few months ago he invited thank you to start playing. Then he started pushing J to join them.

    Now all of my kids go and play a game together for four or five hours on Wed nights.:jumphappy:

    I am pretty sure part of it started because h thought I would hate it. He has always thought I hated D&D. It isn't my thing, mostly because the choices of what you can do are NEVER anything that makes sense to me, but I have nothing against it. My problem was always the violence that he showed as he played and after he played. husband has always LOVED D&D and I like that it makes him happy.

    They even invite husband to join them if he isn't working at an event on Wed nights. I cannot put into words how amazing it is to have all of my kids (all 4, lol) eager and happy to spend time together doing something on a very regular basis.

    It is truly a beautiful thing.
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    Ooooh, can me and my husband play, too?!

    LOL - OK, I know, we're a bit far away. But I love D&D. It's sometimes very nonsensical, but it is based on luck, logic and skill. And it's social - I think Jett would LOVE it, if I could find a group of his peers to include him in a game.
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    I've never played D&D, but I think this sounds wonderful!
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    Sounds fun, I used to play a similar game called shadow run. Much fun
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    Wow, that is impressive. If mine could spend that much time together I think I'd die of shock.