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    I know that I often post deals here. Hopefully someone finds them helpful or interesting. I enjoy hunting out deals and sharing them.

    Have any of y'all checked out eyeslipsface.com ? They have been mentioned in many magazines, etc...

    They are an online makeup brand with amazing prices. Most of their "regular" items are just $1. Blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, even some of the makeup brushes are just $1. I bought a foundation brush from them and it is fairly nice and has held up very very well.

    If you buy a quad eyeshadow I think it is $2, and some of the kits are priced at $1 for each item in the set.

    They have a mineral/professional line that is more expensive, but is still cheaper than most other companies.

    All of this is NORMAL for elf.

    Right now you can get a FREE mini beauty kit with a purchase of just $5!! Use the code "LOYAL" in the checkout process.

    I got the beauty kit this week and WOW! It would be a great gift for any female! I think it has 21 items!

    Enjoy your shopping - this is a wonderful place to stock up on stocking stuffers and gifts. It also makes it a bit less of a budget pinch to get rid of old makeup and replace it with fresh new makeup - most makeup should be replaced after a year, mascara after 3 months!!! (or so I have been told).
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    Thanks for the site. I"m putting together kits for each of my girls: Jana, Ashley, easy child's wife, and difficult child's new girlfriend for Christmas. This will help me add some items. I did an online party with thirty-one gifts and got some free items. So I got 4 totes in different colors. I'm going to fill them with beauty and other items for them. Christmas will be slim here this year as I have to pay to to renew my National Board for Professional Teaching certification.
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    I love these tips, thank you susie.
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    It is nice to know that y'all enjoy these. This kit is really cool. Not too big or clunky, good range of colors, colors work well together, overall really nice.

    No funky smell that some of the off brand makeup collections have either.

    On the eyeslipsface.com site you can find a really nice 3 piece eyeshadow brush set for $2. It is very handy for blind people like me because they are good quality brushes with short handles. If I use something with a long handle I either cannot see what I am doing or I keep hitting the mirror with it! LOLOLOL!!!

    The products are pretty good for sensitive skin also. I have had no breakout problems or irritation from them.

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    FOrgot this!!!

    If you use ebates you can go to the site and get a % back and still use the code for the free makeup kit!!

    If you are not familiar with ebates it is an online refund site. You register at ebates.com and go to various shopping sites by clicking on them through the ebates site. Then you will get a set % of the purchase price back in a quarterly ebate.

    Very handy in my opinion. Esp because ebates usually has online coupons for the shopping sites right there as you go to the shopping site.

    They also have a referral program so you can get family registered and each get $ ($5 I think).