Weekend happy thread June 18, 19


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Hi to all my wonderful board buddies. Hope you are all doing well.

For those who have followed my posts about estrangement, thanks. And yesterday was hubs and my 21st anniversary. Jumper posted a picture of us on our FB pages that were about how we showed her what unconditional love means. It is on my short thread about my anniversary to almost perfect hubby on this page. She and my other kids and husband and other family members who I reconciled with are 100 reasons why I can move on without Gone boy and still love my life to pieces. I feel so blessed. Sadly, Gone boy could have had this love, but he is in charge of his own life. His loss not to have siblings like-Minded, Sonic and Prinvmcess. Can't say Bart as the two never got along...

I work tonight at 6:30pm and love my job. It satisfies my need to be social without cutting into my me time. I am an ambivert, part introvert and part extrovert. Google that up. It's interesting. See where you fit on the introvrt/extroveet spectrum. Or your kids and spouses. It's fun!!

We are braving a tropical wave, at least for Wisconsin to watch Sonic play softball. Praying we are near a big tree. Fathers Day is being postponed until next week because Jumper has to work all weekend. We'll take Sonic to her apartment next weekend then everyone will go out to eat. Many more good restaurants in College Town than in our little town. Tomorrow hub and I will go out for a quiet anniversary dinner. It's always food, isn't it?

That's about it. Have a super duper weekend, one and all.
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Happy Anniversary! How sweet of your daughter to do that FB post.

I woke up with a icky stomach. Not sure why, just not feeling well, so Jabber has headed out to the tick infested property on his own. I feel guilty, but we only had one weed eater anyway. :p

Hope everyone has a peaceful weekend.


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Happy Anniversary!

Hubby and I are heading out to breakfast, our usual Saturday thing, then to get pet food. We got those darn pantry moths again, so we're cleaning out the food cupboards today.

I have the Islam midterm to do this weekend. This course is harder for me than either Christianity or Buddhism was. Islam is a very legalistic religion, and I'm not sensing any of the joy and happiness I felt with the other two. Maybe it's the instructor, I don't know. Hinduism starts in July.

I'm starting a book sort for stuff appropriate for teens/young adults. There's a high school here in CA that hasn't been able to afford to buy books for their school library since the 90s. A reviewing friend told me about the project; it's called Just One Book. I reviewed quite a few YA books, so I'll hunt those down and send them out.

The temps are ramping up, but we aren't supposed to hit the 100s till tomorrow. I hope. Have a wonderful weekend!


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I experienced the 100s one time along with nifty 100% humidity. Jabber and Lil will get it.

I was in St. Louis watching my grandson playing soccer. The kids were able to play normally and the audience had chairs under trees but did not look like they were dying, as I'm sure I did.

I guess you get used to it

Bart is a Chicago boy and his air is always turned on sky high. I never could adjust to that heat either.

I'm so wussy the air is on when it is 80 with humidity.

KT, am I right in thinking that you are teaching all religions to students?

Stay cool and safe, everyone.


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We have having 100 degree weather here...but it rained during the night, so was comfortable for a couple of hours. Now, the sun is starting to rise and shine, which will make for a very humid day.

My ta-das for the morning include a clean fridge. I took everything out, discarded some things, wiped down all shelves, drawers and inside walls. husband even replaced light bulbs on the bottom half that we didn't even know we're out. Dishwasher loaded, hand wash things done.

Taking a break... Next goal, machine wash youngest DGDs curtains that I made last year out of white sheets. Would like to try coloring with dye in an ombré style... But too much work. I am afraid I might have to iron them when they come out of dryer. I might try to fluff in dryer, then hang on rods to finish drying.



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We're actually back down in the high 80's. Still a bit humid but we haven't had any rain so not to terrible. I'll take this over the deep South for sure. I went to New Orleans for Labor Day once. You'd step outside and instantly be just WET. I realized even 100% humidity in Missouri isn't the same at all.


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Went for a walk this morning.

Hubby and daughter are at the pool, while I am here at home, cleaning and cooking. We are having one of his sons over here tonight for dinner, and the other one tomorrow, since younger one won't be around his brother.

Rethinking my on-line classes plan for next fall.

Other than that, not much going on today.


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SWOT, I'm taking a series of courses on various religions through their scriptures through a free site called edx.org. Pretty much anything you could ever want to learn about is available, and all the courses are through prestigious universities. The religion courses I'm taking are through Harvard Divinity School. It's all online and at your own pace.

The series started with an overview, then Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism. I've also signed up for a course on the history of Hollywood that starts in September. I'm loving this! I would be a professional student if someone would pay me to go to school.


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Well, only about ten ticks total this time and not a one actually latched on. Apparently, last time we went was at just the right time for that "perfect storm" of ticks. I met a friend there who will be hunting with me and we walked the property. It was his first time there. After he left, I spent about two hours weed eating a path from the road back to the blackberry patch. Next time I will make a path through the blackberries.

The nice thing is, this friend repairs old mowers and such as a side business and is going to leave a mower out there for me to use and even has a lawn tractor that might suit us that he will let me make payments on. He also has a camper that he no longer uses on his lake lot that he is going to bring out for deer season so we have a place to take a break and get warm/dry depending on the weather.

Lil asked me just a little bit ago what I want to do tomorrow. I'm bouncing between a round of golf and going back to the property to do some more work. I never got a chance to start cutting down the massive amount of new honey locust trees that are lining the road. For those of you not familiar with honey locust trees, the seed pods are apparently very sweet (hence the honey part of the name) but they have thorns on them that will grow upwards of 4 or more inches long on an adult tree. These thorns will take out tractor tires which are thicker than standard car tires. They are even poisonous. Not to the point of being lethal but can cause severe discomfort well beyond being stabbed by a 4 inch thorn. I will leave the adult trees on the property alone but the ones along the road must die!!!


Happy Anniversary. 21 years is really something.

Almost passed out on short walk to light rail. And it's only 108 Today. It will be 118 tomorrow. Pouring cold water all over my head. I've had work all weekend. Last night I did a lady's closet. One closet. 8 hours. That's how much clothing she had. It was really something to see.


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Sunday...our church doesn't have a service today, as each year they meet at church camp for Fathers Day weekend. We always went when the kids were young. Now our teens aren't interested, plus they have part time jobs. It is kind of bittersweet, as 6 of their classmates will be baptized at the camp and say their public confession of faith.

My husband has got to know a neighbor in the next block, and they invited us to visit their church, so we will probably do that this morning. It will be a lot different than ours. They have the rock band, big screens, etc. We have four part harmony and a piano.

We try to step out of our comfort zone and attend other churches when we travel. We have been to a large African American church in Chicago, a smaller one in San Antonio, a Cheyenne/mennonite church on a reservation in Montana, a huge Presbyterian church in Hollywood, the cathedral in London where Princess Diana had her funeral, and even a church in Madrid filled with people from Nigeria.

Yesterday I did get the fridge completely emptied and washed down, fixed a crockpot meal of Mexican chicken and had it for supper, now I need to pks and freeze the extra in the next day or two. I also cooked five pounds of ground beef, and pkg in two cup baggies.

I washed the curtains in younger DCs room, then ironed them and hung back up.

Tomorrow I see the orthopedist and hopefully can stop using the splint on my broken finger. I also have a ruptured tendon, that made my finger droop. If not healed, I will have to see a hand surgeon...

Well, coffee is ready...newspaper is here...good morning to all. KSM