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    Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2012 2:48 pm** *Post subject: Weekend question!
    We have a very tireding situation at the moment!
    My oldest son, 9 yrs, is struggling to keep himself occupied during weekends.
    We have started to write down a day schedule that worked a bit...
    But he wants me or his dad to entertain him or spend alone time with just him....he has plenty of techno, lego, art stuff...you name it! MP3 player, books, exct. He gets bored easily and lack imagination and creative planning. Even when we help him plan and organize an activity, he doesnt want to do it alone....we need to partisipate! Both me and my husband is very tired and frustrated after yet another exausting weekend.
    It seems as if he is jelous if we spend any time together or even talk to his little brother.
    His little brother is starting to act out now because oldest always wants his way, when we
    go somewhere, it must be where he wants to go otherwise he sulks and makes it misrable for all. He chooses the activities, he chooses the restaurants, exct. It feels as if he is dictating all and every thing!
    Yes, I know we mustn't give in , but its not nice to have a sulky, grumpy, tearfull, angry person arround......But I gues maybe thats the way to go?

    How and what do you do to occupy your kids and keep every one happy during weekends or holidays?

    He doesnt have enough friends to entertain him....we need to be his friends!
    And no, there isnt somewhere we can drop him to stay while we do something else.....
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    I have had to tell my difficult child 1 that the world does not and never will revolve around him. We take turns picking places to go. It took awhile because he tends to be very self-centered but he has gotten to where he realizes that it's only "fair". He HAS to take turns. It's better to start early than it is to start when your difficult child gets to be my difficult child's age.

    As for occupying himself, that can be tough. My kids get computer time that I monitor when they get REALLY bored. I also include them in what I do like cooking, shopping, etc 1:1 whenever I can because I am a single parent with 2 difficult children. Maybe you could incorporate some of that in the day. Sorry I can't be more helpful. difficult child 1 does have friends and he also goes to Boy Scouts and church activities without me.

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    Thanx TeDo! Maybe I need to find out about weekend activities! Maybe horseriding or scouts exct! :)
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    difficult child 1 would do this; want me to entertain him all the time, and I just couldn't. There are to many other kids that need my attention. So when he would start the whining and crying I would tell him a list of chores he could pick from or he could go to his room and play; all the chores would be somewhere close to me, so I could watch him. After a few years of this he learned to not demand that I entertain him. (Most of the time, once in a while he still does.)

    We don't go many places. Just the logistics make it hard, so when we do go out it is a very big treat. Being left home with husband (because I'd never take all the kids without him) is a huge threat. Making everyone else miserable on an outing will get you either left home with husband or being sent back to the car to wait for everyone else with husband. And husband would not make it pleasant. So far just the threat has been enough. And its not just difficult child 1 that gets that threat it is any one who is making the outing hard for everyone else.

    Just what works for our very not normal family.