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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Shari, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Shari

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    I am really concerned about Wee mimicking cgfg's junk. He has talked before about wanting to sneak things to school, but he has never done it that we are aware of (us or teachers). This really concerns me and I want to make dang sure its not a pattern he follows (she started in 3rd grade and is still doing it in 8th).

    Suggestions to kill this in its tracks?
  2. DaisyFace

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    Regardless of "sissie"...I think it's pretty typical for kids to try and sneak stuff to school. Lot's of kids do it. My son used to sneak toys and games all the time.

    We talked to him....took the stuff away when we found it....the teacher took stuff away....the teacher would make him walk at recess...but no avail.

    The only think that stopped it, is when the other kids on the playground took his toys - and because he was not supposed to have brought them to school at all....he had no recourse to get them back! He was so upset! BUT - that was the last time he ever snuck anything to school.
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    To some degree they ALL sneak stuff into their backpacks at some point.

    I would ask him why he thinks it is a good idea, what he expects to happen once he gets to school with the item since he will not be able to use it at school. Then let him know that if he takes it to school it will either get lost or stolen or taken away by a teacher because he wasn't supposed to have it at school. Also tell him that if it is taken away by a teacher you will NOT go and get it back. (But only if you truly will do this. Given the way Wee is treated by this principal I would not be quick to say this. If she thought she could get Wee in trouble she would break her own rules in a heartbeat. Just in my opinion of her actions, but it sure sounds like what an adult who repeatedly calls the police on a thrid grader would do.)
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    Shari....we already have this starting to happen with Keyana in Pre-K...lol. She wants to sneak her tiny dolls with her to school in her backpack. This one falls under the normal category to me. We try to catch her before she makes it as far as school but if she actually gets to school with an item it is taken from her and sent back home at the end of the day. Perhaps they are a bit easier on them because they are dealing with 4 year olds. Im sure as they get older the punishment for taking items will get more strict.
  5. Shari

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    Maybe I'm just overly concerned because its been such a deal with cgfg and Wee stated he did it because she does it. The last thing I want is her taking on her koi.

    I admit, what is "normal" is way out of our realm anymore.
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    Lots of kids bring stuff to school they aren't supposed to...and depending on what it is and how big an issue we've had with it that day, I either confiscate it (put it the teacher's desk, leave her a note) or tell them that it needs to be put away NOW and if I see it out again, mom has to come get it back.
  7. Shari

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    Mom coming to get it isn't a big deal, cause mom comes to school every day.

    I locked it up with cgfg's ipod last night. Only he only lost it for a day, cause the language teacher planned to do testing today and wanted him to bring it for breaks in testing. So he got it back today, AND got to take it to school the appropriate way. If it goes again, tho, it gets locked up again.

    Then again, he wants to be at school, and wants to do his work. If he didn't have the other issues and COULD do regular work, his attitude suggests he would, so it might still not be an issue... who knows. I don't.