Weight loss saga continues

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    I got the pills today. Flamin' expensive. With the antibiotics I had to buy yesterday, I've spent over $200 on prescription medication in two days. Now I think about it, closer to $250.

    I'll have a look at the diet pills in the morning (it's now just on midnight here).

    I also had to get anti-nausea pills prescription from the local GP (a friend of mine) who IS NOT my GP. I just couldn't face the long drive to 'the mainland' for a prescription I knew I could get closer to home. I think I'll arrange to see my GP on Friday for an update and to let her know about the prescription. It's possible that difficult child 3 might need to see her by then, also. He's running a fever today, plus a raging sore throat and bad cough. He has a school excursion on Friday (to Sydney Wildlife park and Sydney Aquarium, in the shadow of Sydney Harbour Bridge). If we go, I was planning to take my mobility scooter, but I thought today - I'll try and walk it. husband & I were in that area for our anniversary back in January, and the exercise will be good. If we plan to arrive early, that will give me time to get there one way or another.

    Anyway, this local GP asked me about recent test results. I told her what I remembered of my insulin resistance tests so she could update the computer file on me, and I saw her type in "borderline diabetes mellitus". Because I'm still treating a complicated Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) she also asked me about my defective kidney. So now officially my liver is turning into paté de foie gras, my kidneys are on shaky ground and my pancreas sounds like it's about to kark it from fatigue. She expressed surprise that all this could be going wrong, when I have been doing all the right things for so long (such as not drinking, not wolfing down biscuits, cake etc in bulk and trying to maintain my weight by diet, for years).

    I was more tired today - I think difficult child 3's virus is getting to me. This happens - someone gets sick, I get weaker and in more pain for a while. I managed my walk but had to stop a few times. We've got a long spell of hot weather at the moment, I want to try to get to the beach some time tomorrow for exercise of a different kind. It will depend on difficult child 3 and how he is feeling and working. If I can get there I can walk along the beach - I much prefer walking barefoot. It's about a kilometre long and except for the path going to the western end, it's all wilderness. And although the area is open to the sea with no nets, I haven't heard of anyone even being bitten by a shark, anywhere in our estuary or neighbouring ocean beaches. Nobody has died of blue-ringed octopus bites in Sydney for decades - the public information is too good now, you would only get bitten if you really worked hard at annoying this little beast, while it's sitting on your hand or arm. And most other aquatic nasties don't occur in our waters. However, we DO have dolphins! They usually follow the ferry though, and play in its wake. And soon it will be whale migration time as they head north for winter. Sometimes they come in to our estuary and rest up a few days. We get that more when they're heading to Antarctica for summer, and the mothers bring their calves in for a rest, it is a very long journey for those babies.
    Just walking in our area can make you feel so much better, so very alive.

    My next aim, health-wise, is to find a good muesli recipe that doesn't use rolled oats. I need to shop for ingredients on Friday afternoon (after the excursion - we try to get as much business done as possible, when we leave our oasis).

    An idea I've read, I've heard of other people doing it - you cycle, or walk, or whatever and measure your distance each time. You then mark it on a map and when you've finished exercising, you look up on the map how far you travelled that day, and what town you've come to. You can then Google that town, find out what is in that area.

    It's a way to get some hope out of what can seem like mindless tedium.

    Anyone want to join me on my journey? I'm walking, not cycling, so if you want to cycle, maybe you can cycle to Australia over a period of time?

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    A couple things have been running thru my brain the last few days.
    My first husband was diabetic (from birth, died at age 30), my fav aunt was diabetic (never affected her longevity altho she was diabetic for many many years----she was a VERY large woman, over 6 ft and for many years she was actually The Fat Lady in a circus, my middle brother, the minister has been diabetic diagnosis since teens) SOmething that occured to me was....my first husband, he was quite rebellious and would play nasty games with his diabetes.....on purpose, taunting death. (A true difficult child to the max) Anyway, the point is- over his years of haveing such a high blood sugar, and I mean way beyond what would be fatal for anyone else----his body adjusted, accomodated his extreme high blood sugar levels- and whenever he would be inpatient and they would try to bring his BSL within "normal range" he would be quite ill, becuz his body could no longer function at what would be normal for anyone else. I will NOT relay his numbers.becuz NOONE would believe me if I tried.....but, let me say what he functioned best at would be death for anyone else I know. So, I am wondering if maybe what is "normal range" for someone else might NOT be "good" for YOUR body? This is just a stab in the dark, and I could be WAY off.....I am simply brain storming here.

    SOmething else that has been on my mind--and I dunno if this has anything to do with anything, but it has been hanging here. My friends child, many years ago age 5 or 6, his intestine twisted. Bummer docs here in ER refused to examine said child multiple times when my friend took him in to ER...docs kept insisting said child was makeing up his symptoms to avoid school- so, while she kept trying to force an exam, his intestine turned necrotic. Eventually she took him 5 hurs away, had him seen, emergency suregeries one after another, each removing more and more necrotic tissue----
    Child wound up first on a j-tube for feeding. Eventually further complications. He was on wait list for intestine transplant. (Might have been experiemntal, I do not remember) Eventually he could no longer do j-tube feedings and had?? picture line? Central line? feedings? You know j-tube was similar to baby formula, thru his abdominal wall to stomach, then later feedings were straight into his veins?? (??)
    But, alas, his liver began to fail .....seems the parenteral feedings lack certain needed something to sustain liver health? He did then go onto a liver.intestine transplant wait list.....

    Is it possible your body is not absorbing something vital for liver health? Or that your already restricted diet is lacking in something crucial for optimal liver health?
    I have a cyber friend of many years who has some chronic liver thing- biliary something? I know she follows a special diet for that, but, I am not sure what she does. Or how she came to have her problem......
    ANd now I am changeing clothes to go to my doctor to have MY liver checked. (this doctor is only 2 hours each way- NEXT week I make one of several upcoming 5 hour each way doctor visits for son) <sigh> I KNEW the risks of my medications-- I had hoped not to "get caught" and have to "pay the price" BUT gosh darn.....I started my aggressive medication regime becuz I simply really had no life the way I was before my medications. Ah but, that does not make me a lot happier at the moment. LOL. I want my cake and I want to eat it too! LOL.

    I keep you in my thoughts and prayers, I imagine you are rather frustrated at the moment.
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    Thanks for the ideas, Dreamer.

    I have to maintain faith in my specialist - he told me that liver and insulin resistance was his specialty. My GP was thinking along the lines of biliary cirrhosis, but that should have shown up in the biopsy. The ANF was slightly above normal, but not considered high enough to account for all this. And even if it was - I still would benefit from losing weight.

    I'm not that big, compared to a lot of other people including in my own family. I'm smaller than my mother was at my age - I remember how large she was. And I know I'm smaller than HER mother was, I've seen her photo. And neither of them would have been taken on as fat lady in the circus.

    The GP I saw yesterday was puzzled. Although it's the first time I've seen her as a GP, she is someone who knows me socially and I also know she is darn good at her job. I'm not changing doctors though, because I need continuity of care and I can't risk this practice folding and leaving me without a current GP. My pain medications require stability in GPs.

    I see the liver specialist again in six months. From what I've read about Reductil, they should know well before six months if it's working. So if it's NOT working, and I'm not losing weight, I'll call and let him know, say at the three month mark. I'm hoping it will work, though.

    A twisted bowel should be fairly specific in symptoms. Because I live on strong pain medications, it IS possible the pain is masked to a certain extent, but I wouldn't be passing much of anything, there would have been a change in 'output'.

    I do get the feeling that there is something more going on, though. I know what my mother's diet was like - even though she did try to eat sensibly, food options were much more restricted back then and our meat was fattier. We didn't have a griller, meat was pan-fried. I hated meat and was not willing to eat much. We did have bread and dripping, but because my mother and sisters really liked it, I never got it often, or very much. The younger two of my sisters are slimmer than me, but the others are the same size or bigger.

    I view my goal weight, if I were healthy and able to exercise, as being 70 to 75 Kg. At that weight, I know I'd be about the same size and shape as most women are at 60 Kg. I haven't weighed 60 Kg since my mid teens, when I was a skinny shrimp. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is about the same size I was then, and weighs just over 50 Kg.
    That's why I used to diet - all the charts kept saying I was fat, overweight bordering on obese, when in fact looking back, I couldn't have been. easy child 2/difficult child 2 wears clothes that I wore back then (I kept some - the kids like to dress 'retro') and they fit her, apart from the bust. I was 65 Kg when I married, and while my wedding dress is a little loose on on her, it's only one dress size. And it was loose on me.

    And to show I'm genuine and honest about this - my weight this morning was 96 Kg. After a week of dieting, I've not shifted much lard - maybe half a kilo, if that. My weight has been fluctuating between 95 Kg (what I have considered stable for years) and 97 Kg (what it recently went up to).

    Malabsorbtion problems - worth considering, although the blood tests should have shown this.

    I suspect the insulin resistance has been either brought on or aggravated by my long history of dieting, especially that period where I didn't eat. Plus, just after difficult child 3 was born, I was eating a lot of home-made muesli and got really ill with what seemed to be a chronic bowel problem. We finally worked out it was something in the muesli. I stayed off ALL muesli (any cereal with milk) because for a while we thought it was a dairy intolerance brought on by the extreme nature of the GI upset.

    When I went back to eating commercial muesli, the problem returned. I examined my recipe, and the commercial ingredients, and assumed that one of the ingredients in common was the problem.

    Some time later I tried again, testing each of those ingredients - and it was oats. So now I need a recipe for muesli that doesn't include oats.

    According to the specialist, I do NOT have coeliac disease. But I wonder if, being sensitive to oats, there might not be an associated malabsorbtion issue.

    I'm increasingly thinking this problem is multifactorial. Not enough elevation in triglycerides, fasting BSL to account for the degree of fatty infiltration (especially on a normal to low-fat diet). Not enough elevation in ANF. Possibly malnourished in some areas, due to caloric reduction already - the doctor doesn't seem to believe me, but I already WAS eating a lot less than is considered 'normal'. Individually, each one won't explain it, but collectively...

    I'm hoping to take difficult child 3 to the beach in about an hour or so - his English schoolwork requires him to write a poem about the environment, he wants to write it about pollution at the beach, and we just had an educational program on TV about how to research for just such a poem! Perfect timing, because it means I can get in my exercise, AND some Vitamin D, at the same time!

    Keep those ideas coming, you're jogging my memory about things I need to discuss with my GP.


  4. ML

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    I am so glad you got some walking in today. How frustrating because you are doing all the right things! I don't get it. There has got to be an explanation.

    What will you put in your museli?

    I'm so sorry to hear difficult child isn't feeling good and that it is taking its toll on you.

    I just feel so positive that once you start moving and building up stamina you start feeling so much better.

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    I tried to read your post here, but alas, it has been a LOOOOONG hard day for me today.
    The traffic was SCARY------the docs office was overfull, and the backlog for labs and xrays was HOURS long, so I left right after I posted last here and JUST got home.
    As I walked in house, my glasses fell off my face, broken, yeesh, how did THAT happen? Gas on the corner was at $3.80 just now......

    9 vials of blood....possible chronic hepatitis------something called sicca syndrome to go with sjogrens---to go with rheumatoid illness and Lupus....
    Up the steroid, dump the ibuprofen....continue the mtx (I amnot sure WHY)
    Some lady in waiting room, barged in on a conversation I was haveing with some man there.his grandson was in a brain damageing accident last week, profound brain damage......I was holding the mans hand so to speak, letting him talk.and she barged in to discus MY smoking. HUH? Go away LADY- sit over THERE.
    (I was not smoking, cannot smoke there of course....but of course she could smell I had a cig before going in)

    ANyway...um...nah, I did not mean YOU had twisted intestine...as for the obvious symptoms, yes, quite obvious symptoms, and the childs mom and aunt and myself are all nurses.....and the child WANTED to be AT school.......WE knew he was sick, we just could not get the darned ER to examine him...this is all too typical at my local er (which is wh I now drive so far away for all our healthcare)
    I meant something was missing in his parenteral feedings that damaged his liver.

    Actually after I left my docs today, I simply was too down to come home, and the sun was straight on in my face and hurting my eyes..so I stopped at a bookstore....looked up liver stuff.....and yes, in what I read it did discuss the parenteral feedings and liver damage....

    Um. I know you are not on parenteral feedings.....I just meant if your diet is very restricted, maybe something important is missing?

    I think now I am gonna take my um...momentarily depressed self to sleep. This day just kickedmy heinie.
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    You may be right. I will check - I have had a very restricted diet at times, plus with some sensitivities as well...

    For example, husband is sensitive to Vitamin C. More than a fraction, from ANY source, and he gets really bad mouth ulcers. But the amount he can tolerate is barely enough to prevent scurvy.

    It really stinks sometimes, ya know?

    I'm off for my walk soon, plus dropping in on mother in law to plant a shrub.