Weird story...kind of scary

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Abbey, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Abbey

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    Last day on my job at the bank I sat with a personal banker. He opens/closes accounts, etc. This REALLY elderly woman, probably a good 95 and her elderly daughter come in to open an account for mom. She can barely walk. The banker brings up her SSN and it says she is deceased. I'm looking at his computer screen, which they cannot see and slowly turned and looked at the banker. Talk about a pregnant pause.:holymoly:

    Come to find out, her husband had passed away 6 months previous and they used her SSN instead of his. I have no idea how this could happen. It was a VERY awkward moment.

    He turns to mom and says, "I'm very sorry, Mrs. X, but our system is showing that you are deceased based on your SSN." Mom and daughter look at each other...then mom slowly looks down at her body to make sure she was really there.

    Sad to say, but he had to turn them away until they get the SSN issue straightened out.

    What a weird scenario.

  2. hearts and roses

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    I will admit, I busted out laughing at this story. I mean, how sad for the woman, but how hysterical is that??

    My dad at 60 years of age forgot to get his license renewed...for TWO years!! He went to DMV and they told him he'd have to start over, get a permit, take the driver's test, etc. Well, dad had to get an original sealed birth certificate so he sent away to his small little remote miner's town in PA and when he received his birth certificate he noticed that his birthdate listed was not July 5TH as he'd been celebrating his ENTIRE life, but July 15TH!!!
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    This happens more often than you might think. I worked four seasons as a customer service rep for the IRS, and I had to refer people to Social Security to prove they were not dead so the IRS would release their refunds. I always wondered though how you would prove that...the obvious answer of "I'm standing here!" doesn't work with government agencies.
  4. Abbey

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    JoG...that is hysterical!! I have to constantly think about how old I am (am I 44 or 45...geez...I'm 47), but I always know what day it is!!

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    As someone who had the state I used to live in give my SSN to a man in another part of the state, then deny me a driver's license, this is terribly hard to be told.

    I feel sorry for the lady. And for those of you who had to tell her. It jsut stinks all around.

  6. Star*

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    I sold mine on Ebay - now I'm living in San Maritz sipping mosquitos.

    -the best part ? When the elderly lady reached down and grabbed her own arm......PRICELESS!

    Jo - so when does your dad celebrate his bd now? the 5th or the 15th?