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    ok, wanna hear something weird?? So, this interesting house of ours........first the mice and now this.

    what do you think?

    easy child last week came running down the stairs because her stereo dial was turning on it's own and turned off. easy child was flipped out, got difficult child flipped out. I had to go upstairs and stand there for 10 minutes showing them that the stereo was fine, and difficult child got past it but easy child didnt'.

    so, today i wake up and kids are gone and the backdoor is open. so i go over and lock it and close it. no biggie we had a ton of ppl here yesterday so i didnt' check the door.

    so, today the door gets unlocked 2 more times i go over the first time and just close it and lock it. yet by the 2nd time it hit me that i didnt' go in the backyard all day long and no kids were here and the door got unlocked again.

    ok, so totally weird. right? yea, i'm sitting in the bathroom now waiting for boyfriend to get home.
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  3. Hound dog

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    Doesn't surprise me with a house that old.

    But yeah, a bit out of the ordinary. I'd say perhaps someone on the other side has a sense of humor. ;)
  4. muttmeister

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    There's probably a logical explanation; it's easy to get freaked out by stuff like that but there has to be a reason for it. This kind of thing is why I have dogs. They bark if something unusual happens.
    If you think it's ghosts, just make friends with them because they were probably there long before you were. Just kidding.
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    yea pretty funny. than boyfriend proceeds to tell me how we have someone buried in our backyard with a small tiny sign thing on it. our house is a historical landmark because it was a spy house back in the revolutionary war. also our particular town was big in witchcraft back in the day. unfortunately ppl used to kill ppl who they thought were witches at the stake.

    so, boyfriend and i sit up talking till 1 a.m. last night about this stuff, i could sleep after that lol.

    door was unlocked again this morning.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Poltergeists can't undo nails - nail it shut. .....or were you thinking you had some giant sized mice?
  7. AnnieO

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    Well... If it IS someone on the other side... Make friends. If not, ignore it... Cuz that means it's someone in your house being cute.

    Or really, really talented mice. But I wouldn't stake my paycheck on that.
  8. KTMom91

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    Don't get a ouija board, they're supposed to be bad. See if the spirits will talk to you, and then you can ask them to stop leaving the back door open.
  9. Andy

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    Dust the lock with very very light flour. Then check for fingerprints. Don't let me know if you don't find any. I am not scared by much but this stuff does unsettle me.
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    that was cute! (the quote above)..not your scary situation.
    I would say outloud (eckem channeling Ryan from Paranormal State)....I want you to stop messing with my door and leave my family alone. You are scaring us and you are not welcome here.
    We have had weird stuff happen in old homes we have lived in, and actually I would just throw the covers over my head and say the Lords prayer until I fell asleep. Sorry I am such a baby. I wish I were more helpful.
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    How about posting a sign above the door:

    "Attention all spirits: Unless you were born in a barn, please do not leave the door open".

    In all seriousness, that is weird - - - could you install a deadbolt lock and see if it continues to get opened?
  12. AnnieO

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    Watch... It will be a spirit cow.
  13. ThreeShadows

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    The ghost in our 1820s home in Maine was a friendly one who would unlatch the laundry room door and even once caressed my back as I was doing dishes. I assumed it was difficult child 2 (he used to be gentle and loving). I turned to smile at him and no one was there.

    I recently went on line and found that 4 babies were born in the home after the owner built it. I prefer to think of that rather than the fact that there are TWO parlors. Why do you think they call funeral homes "parlors"? They used to lay the dead out in the house parlor!
  14. Jena

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    ok that's scary and you were ok with-that?? man if anything other than boyfriend carressed me while i was doing dishes i'd be in my truck with difficult child, easy child, and gracie (no mice) and outta here bigtime.

    other than locks, we've had easy child's stereo go off dial turn on it's own, today an empty cabinet was rattling, and today boyfriend and i were sitting outside and doors were opening yet no one was opening them.

    now tmrw thru sunday i'm home alone at night, that i do not like at all. i asked boyfriend to go get curtains for our den window that is uncovered today and ofcourse he forgot
  15. tinamarie1

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    :) too funny!

    and about that massage....I might be willing to live with a ghost if he was a masusse (sp?)
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    i'm just going to keep adding to this lol.

    so, the latest is today i pull up in driveway from working and going to the dr. and easy child difficult child and easy child's friend are home and say to me when i get in the house who is that guy in the car with you? someone from work? i'm like what are you talking about, what guy? that guy with the dark hair, the tall guy. ummm no i'm alone there's no one in my truck. are you guys serious? yes. so we let it go, what else could i say the kids were like ok maybe we thought we saw someone. that's weird.

    2 hours later i go into my bag where i keep difficult child's medications. i do this because one time i lost them so from now on i keep them in my bag to make sure i dont' lose them. their gone. no btl at all. meanwhle last night i gave her her medication at 5 and put btl back in bag. i go check truck, under seats all over nothing.

    i have kids check house, each and every room, under couches, in laundry basket strange places absolutely anywhere, pills are totally gone. no clients in my car today at all, just me and bag with-me all day long.

    so i had to call pharmacy who had to call insurance to fight with-them to releaes more pills to me because it was a new btl so i'm 35 dollars out again.

    is it me at this Point? nope it's totally not. and kids know nothing other than radio thing so i haven't discussed it at all with them or said a word for them to be acting creepy saying they see a guy in my truck either.
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    Whoa! Seeing a guy in your truck really is creepy! And I would be willing to wager that those pills will show up soon too, in one of the places that you've already looked! So far, it just sounds mischevious, not really harmful. Have you tried doing a little research to see who lived there before?

    I know what you mean because my little house was built back in the late 1840's and things have happened here too, more when I first moved in five years ago than now. I've never seen anything but my dogs have, and some times it was like it was teasing the dogs! Katy, the one in my avatar, always has one toy that she's totally obsessed with, one that she won't let out of her sight, usually a ball. Her ball disappeared and I looked everywhere she had been - no ball. She was practically hysterical! I got as far as opening up the sofa sleeper thinking it may have gone down inside, and while I was doing that, Katy and I both heard the unmistakable sound of that ball hitting the floor in the back bedroom that shares a wall with the living room! I looked at her and she looked at me ...! I went to look and her ball was just inside the closed and latched door of the back bedroom! I hadn't been been in there for a week and I had never opened that door, and there's no way Katy could have gotten in there!

    Another time I was all upset and worried about something - can't even remember now what it was. I was lying on the sofa facing the wall, nobody in the house but me and the dogs. And suddenly I felt the gentle, reassuring pressure of a hand on my back, just for a few seconds! It was definately a hand. I could feel the palm and could tell where the fingers and the thumb were. And I still can't believe that it didn't scare me at all at the time! It was the same kind gesture that an understanding friend would do if you were upset about something! It kind of creeps me out now though!

    I believe there's all kinds of things that we just don't understand! Yours sounds more mischevious and teasing. If there is a historial society in your town, they probably could give you lots of information about the history of your house, or check the local history or geneology section of the public library for census records, etc.
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    Donna that's creepy lol, i'd be spooked too if i were you and thinking about it now even though it's in the past. wow. id' move if that happened. i keep trying to find logical explanations.

    than today our cat almost got out because i opened the living room window and the screen was down and easy child flipped out because the cat was hanging out the window so i asked difficult child is she touched the screen, (she doens't do stuff like that; boyfriend's kids do but they werent' here today) and she said no why would i do that.

    so, someone lifted up the screen so that the cat would get out. i told boyfriend to get home quick tonight and not linger lol.
  19. Jena

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    sorry meant to add more to that text but hit the wrong button lol. the only thing i know is that it was used by george washington during the revoluationary war and was a spy house, that's all i know so far. it is a historic landmark though. we have a historic emblem on the outside of the house.

    as far as the medication's go, may be. yet i have never lost her medications in all the years she has been on them for long term. misplaced one time and ever since than i keep them on my person to make sure they dont' disappear.
  20. Abbey

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    I'd be inclined to gracefully accept them into the home. You're dead and bored? Not a problem. Come in, roam around, just lock the door when you leave. If you want a late night chat, I can handle that.