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    Please welcome Ana to the board! Welcome, Ana, and I'm glad you found us!

    If you can take a minute to do your signature (see the first thread in this forum, "To our newer members" for instructions), it would help us out to remember your particular situation. Some of us are getting a bit forgetful. ;) Also, if you could redo your intro, that would be great!

    You had posted on another thread and if I remember the details correctly, you have a kiddo who is having trouble in school, yet when you've requested an evaluation for IEP verbally, you've been told it's not necessary (I believe by the school counselor?). Generally, best practice is to send a certified letter to the Special Education director of the SD (school district) requesting a full multidisciplinary evaluation. By sending it certified, you will have proof they have received the request and a timeline kicks in. They have X # of days to initiate and complete the evaluation, or to deny your request, in writing. My forgetfulness is kicking in - I'm thinking 10 days to deny and 60 (or maybe 30) days to get it done. Before they start the evaluation, they will have to get your written consent.

    You might want to peruse our sped101 forum (see links to other forums on the board) as well as the sped101 archives for some helpful hints re: letter writing, as well as just some general info on special education. Another good resource is wrightslaw.com.

    Again - welcome and I'm glad you found us.
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    Ana - something I thought of on the road this morning. We started our journey on the Special Education road in WA. I went to an IEP training session put on by PAVE when my oldest was maybe 4 or 5 - it was the *best* thing I ever did in terms of preparing for dealing with- sped issues. Looks like PAVE is still around. http://www.wapave.org/links/walinks.asp If you can attend one of their trainings (used to be free, 20 years ago), I would very strongly advise it. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of IDEA, it will probably also give you a great opportunity to network with other parents who are traveling a similar road in terms of school issues.
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    There is a wealth of info here. Ask questions. If you're still getting the hang of it, post your questions here. We'll help.