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    Hi Brokensoul - just wanted to welcome you to the CD board. I'm copying your post so that others may join in welcoming you!!

    I've never been to this site before, I was searching in desperation for support, advice...just someone who understands what it's like and when I opened your letter I cried :sad-very:....I have no words of wisdom or advice but I do want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. For some heartbreaking reason it's just so nice to know that I'm not alone.

    Thank you

    :kisses: "
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    Welcome. You are not alone.
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    Welcome, Brokensoul.

    You really are not alone. There are plenty of people who understand your heartbreak and will walk beside you on this journey. And no one will think you're crazy, or a bad parent. It's hard for anyone who hasn't experienced this to understand what we live through every single day.

    Come and vent, ask questions, share advice or just hang out. It's that kind of place.

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    I wish I didn't understand. LOL
    But we all do.
    Tell us more when you are ready.
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    Welcome to the board, BrokenSoul.
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    Welcome!! You are definitely not alone and can't say anything here that someone else hasn't experienced themselves, I don't think.
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    Thank you all for welcoming me so openly. :love:
    I want to share a peom that I wrote about my son a couple of years ago. We'd had another 'challenging' day ( :angry-very: for lack of a better way of putting it) and I had lost it with all my kids due to the anger, frustration, stress, sadness...well you all know what I mean. After the kids were settled in bed I sat and cried for ages and while I was crying I wrote this:

    Fallen Angel

    My mind is so heavy, my thoughts all consumed,
    My broken heart aching, forever entombed,
    I’m loving an angel that fell from above.
    An angel so desperately needing my love.

    A sad little boy that is so full of pain,
    Who shows so much anger again and again,
    His eyes show a soul that cries out for someone,
    A sorrow so deep that he can’t see life’s fun.

    A darkness within makes him feel so alone,
    I just wish he could see in my heart he is home.
    He can’t understand all the feelings that roar,
    So how can this angel unlock this locked door?

    The words that this angel will use to torment,
    Are sent from the heart but are twisted and bent.
    His heart screams for someone to hold him and say,
    I love you so much and this loves here to stay.

    Yet his heart and his soul are in dark bitter duel,
    So the words that are spoken are bitter and cruel.
    Each word strikes my heart with such accurate aim,
    That I feel and I taste his confusion and pain.

    Through the anger and violence this poor angel shows,
    Through pain that is caused and frustration that grows,
    There’s a mothers who’s desperately trying to touch,
    The heart of this angel that is loved oh so much!

    Yes my heart it is breaking and my strength hard to find.
    But that’s nothing compared to my poor angels mind.
    So this burden, though heavy, I carry with love,
    For my sad little angel that fell from above.

    13/08/06 ©

    I know somewhere inside my son is an amazing person, I know this because of those small moments when I get to see the wondeful person he has locked inside. This is what breaks my heart...his actions and behaviour make me want to give up but the love I have for him gives me the strength to keep trying...but it's soooooooooooo very hard.

    Broken Soul
  8. Star*

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    Welcome BrokenSoul.

    Your son.....is an Amazing person everyday. It's just that most people around him can't see through the shield that he puts up to protect himself from the things that he doesn't even understand about himself.

    Most people aren't as open minded as the people you'll meet here. Granted we're not pushovers and we're not in the habit of being made fools of - but we do see things in others that many, many other people never get to see, and we appreciate things in our children and in our lives that others take for granted every day. My son is 19 - he borrowed some fishing poles from his Dad - THAT is amazing in itself. He returned the same night (amazing thing #2), He forgot to take them out of his friend (amazing thing #3) truck. He called us to tell us he'd forgotten (amazing thing #4) He called the next day and got them back (amazing thing #5) He called us and made sure we knew they were going to be returned(amazing thing #6) - I mean - to most parents -Not so amazing - a kid borrowed some poles and a tackle box from his dad, came over to their house with a nice friend, in a truck, wearing a seat belt, went where they said they were going, came back when they said they would, weren't drinking or doing drugs, returned the poles, and went to school and work the next day and called to say they forgot the poles.


    I see things in your son - that no one else would. ;)

    Welcome to the family. :tongue: