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    Hi Crazylady! I moved this to its own thread so that you wouldn't be "hidden away" in someone elses. You'll get more individual and personal responses.

    Welcome aboard!

    WOW! I just joined found this site tonight. Your post could have been mine! My guy is 4.5 and we just got the diagnosis yesterday. My mine is still reeling. Excited to find support here. No one I know understands my life, hopefully you guys will:)
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    I recently joined here to and although my DS2.75 has not been diagnosed with anything atm I feel that at least here I can talk about things, get some advice if I need it and maybe help some others along the way. DS2.75 has what seem to me like violent outburst that last as long as he has energy for them to go. He has a decent vocabulary and even an attention span. He is always on the go and I often find myself worn to a very thin strand and trying not to break before nap time.

    I am glad you have had a diagnosis.....at least you have an idea what you might be dealing with and which path might lead you to the child you know is in there somewhere. I hope you find all the advice and support on this site as much as I have found. It has been my lifeline to sanity.
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    Yes we have a diagnosis but... I have so many mixed reviews about it from everyone. What are we supposed to do now? I just wish there was a clear cut answer!
    Its nice that you have naps still! DS has pretty much given up naps but I still crave them. I hope you are able to find a path for you lil guy!
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    Hey! I don't know about anyone else, but most aspies start out as diagnosis with ODD & ADHD. So, I'm not sure what "mild" aspergers is, unless they're looking at all the other diagnosis's individually. Roll 'em all together and you have your basic aspie-kid! ;)

    Not for nothing, but I was run down a primrose path on so many points. My recommendation? Get him a behavioral therapist and work from there. Most kids with aspergers process things very differently so they come off as oppositional rather than not able to process the situation, the task and the outcome. You may end up having to write social stories for every single thing that they encounter. The hardest thing to do is to maintain a calm, demeaner but a firm one as well.

    Keep coming back...I'm sorry I wasn't able to respond yesterday. I was in the ER with difficult child 2 who decided he could skate like a pro. Unfortunately by his swing it was a pro-golfer rather than a pro-skater!