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  1. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    J'ai voulu vous accueillir au conseil ! Grand vous avoir.


    ¡Quise dar la bienvenidale a la tabla! Gran tenerle.

    Tres bien:tongue:


    I wanted to welcome you to the board! Great to have you.
  2. Diabolique

    Diabolique New Member

    Salut, Etoile!

    Merci bien de m'avoir si chaleureusement accueilli au conseil! Je le trouve assez rare de "rencontrer" des gens qui parlent francais. Je connais beaucoup de gens qui parlent espagnol, mais tres peu de gens qui parlent francais. Quel plaisir!

    Malheureusement, je n'arrive pas a faire apparaitre tous les accents car les codes que j'utilise normalement ne marchent pas ici au conseil. Savez-vous les faire apparaitre?

    Quelle surprise de vous connaitre ici au conseil pour les parents des enfants "difficiles"!
  3. everywoman

    everywoman Active Member

    Yeah, whatever Star said!!! LOL:)
  4. Estherfromjerusalem

    Estherfromjerusalem Well-Known Member

    Chere Diabolique,

    Soyez la bienvenue (j'espere que mon Francais n'est pas trop mal).

    I want to welcome you here. My French is rusty (I am 63, and finished learning it at the age of 18, but still remember quite a lot, because it is a beautiful language and I love it).

    This board is a wonderful place. Please tell us about yourself (in English please).

    Love, Esther
  5. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    Oh, would you guys stop!! I hate not knowing what someone is saying.

    Going to my corner now. Where is it? Should I translate that?

    Ok. Here is goes:

    iamgoingtolosemymindbynotputtinginspacesbetweenwordsorperiodsbetweensentencesisthatanewlanguageshoulditypemore(gosh darn it all....at least a dozen times I've backspaced):bag:

  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    Uyay arehay a unnyfay irlgay!
  7. amazeofgrace

    amazeofgrace New Member

    yo no say, but welcome anyway :O)
  8. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen


    (darn...do you know how hard it is to type that???)

  9. Diabolique

    Diabolique New Member

    Hi, everyone!

    I've gotten a good chuckle out of the messages in this thread, and am grateful for the warm welcome to the forum. Especially fun to get a multi-lingual welcome! I speak 4 languages (well, 5 if you include Pig Latin) and enjoy being able to use them! I didn't even try to type without using the space bar, I knew how that would end up.

    I cyber-tripped over this forum one day when I was looking for information on ADHD and ODD. My son's pediatrician suspects that these are the likely culprits for my son's behavioral issues. I am currently in the process of finding a place to do a neuropsychologist evaluation on my son. This will be made easier when I get him switched to his father's insurance; the insurance that my son is currently on (mine through work) inhales forcefully and nobody to whom I've been referred will accept it. Right now, I'm also in the process of getting myself glued back together again so that I can help my son; too many months of his behavior have shoved me over the precipice into the vortex of depression. I will be starting medications as soon as tomorrow so that I can get myself back together and stop crying.

    I'm so glad I found this place. I don't know anyone in real life who has problems with their kids like what I'm experiencing with my son. This forum has given me hope that things CAN get better and it's good to know that I'm not alone.

    Other little things about me...I LOVE animals! I have two dogs and 5 pet rats (yes, you did read that correctly). I think I find it gratifying to care for creatures that don't mouth off at me all the time. I have a tendency towards owning "exotic" pets: tortoises, sugar gliders, I even hand-raised a monkey for a few years. I enjoy music (in particular Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Coldplay), but I can't sing well or play any instruments. I also enjoying reading, but haven't been doing much pleasure reading lately (unless you consider The Explosive Child pleasurable). Finally, I love what I do for a living. I've been teaching French and Spanish at the high school level for 3 years, and before that, I taught French at the college level for about 12 years (while working on Master's and PhD work). I have always felt fortunate that the thing I'm best at-- teaching-- is also what I love to do. Not everyone is in that position, so I feel lucky.

    Now, if only I could get this situation with my son under some semblance of control. :(
  10. KTMom91

    KTMom91 Well-Known Member

    Since I've forgotten most of my high school Spanish (OK, it's been 30 years), I'll stick to English.

  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I HAVE RATS. 3 who think the Rainbow Bridge is for pets that have crossed over and mine believe they are still here with me....especially my hoodie boy.

    I am left with one 3.5 lb rat. (not over snacked, it's genetic) he's basically a woodchuck. One little rescue girl named Lola - we thought the sista was a mista.

    My dogs are my children. I have one furbaby easy child, one difficult child furbaby and my grandog most recently the heart of my being - stolen. Currently looking for her safe return.

    One cat I don't mention because she never mentions me.

    Oh and had a possum, Mother's Day present, but he's at the wildlife shelter now doing REMARKABLE! Hissing, hissing - being possum.

    And since you are just getting here you missed the debate over - SPIDER - capture and relase (yes) or Alternative.
  12. GoingNorth

    GoingNorth Crazy Cat Lady

    I can understand written spanish and german, so have at if you are comfortable in those languages.

    Other than that; I'm an ancient languages geek very into word roots and the like.

    But...push me too far and you'll get a post in Yiddish spelled phonetically using English characters, LoL
  13. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I can't do any language other than English. Some days I can't do that.


    Welcome diabolique! Many, if not most of us do not know anyone in real life who has kids with problems like ours.

  14. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    J'ai pensé à vous aujourd'hui tandis qu'au parc! Le professeur français local de lycée enseigne également le français conversationnel à Duckie'; école de s. En outre, he'; s offrant une classe hebdomadaire d'une heure au parc. Il célébrera le jour de Bastile pendant la prochaine classe en apportant sa guillotine pour les enfants!
  15. Diabolique

    Diabolique New Member

    Oh, STAR! Another RAT person, how exciting! You should come to my other favorite online hangout -- the Rats Rule forum at goosemoose.com.

    I have 5 squishy males; 4 gray/black berks and one gray/black hoodie. I just got the hoodie a few weeks ago from a woman on Craigslist who said he wasn't getting enough attention. Pass the sucker stamp, please! Now he's joined our zoo crew and I'll be working on getting him introduced with my pair of larger males. Of course, they're all spoiled rotten. ;) You surely know how easy that is.

    Funny, when I got my first rat and his, um, goolies hadn't dropped and I thought he was a she, "her" name was Lola! Now it's Henri...

    My dogs are rat terriers. One of them is "normal", the other...well, not so much. The vet suspects she might have gotten stuck in the birth canal and been O2 deprived. She is awfully sweet and beautiful, but she is quite surely the dumbest dog in the world! She is 8 years old and *still* not reliably housebroken! I guess that prepared me for a 3.5 year old son who refuses to be potty trained....

    I can't imagine a home without animals, it just doesn't make sense to me. When I walk into someone's house for the first time, I immediately start scanning for family pets to interact with -- especially if I'm in a social situation that feels awkward for any reason.

    I read in a thread about your lost dog. Still no news or word, huh? I'm SO sorry, I know how heartbreaking that must be. I will send vibes for her safe return back to you.
  16. Diabolique

    Diabolique New Member

    Ah! Where is the animated LOL emoticon when I need it! Oh, I sure could use my own personal guillotine from time to time!

    Comment arrivez-vous à faire sortir les accents? Je ne peux faire apparaitre que certains accents. :confused:
  17. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Cliquez sur dessus le mot davantage situé sous les smilies. Cela prendra quelques moments à la charge. Autrement, vous devrez permettre des smilies dans votre panneau de commande d'utilisateur.
  18. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Ya know-

    I went to goosemoose a few years ago, and put up a post about something (just learning about ratties as ALL of mine are/were rescues) and I got blasted.

    I thought - Okay - passionate people about critters, so I wasn't too turned off, and later had another question/posted and basically got the same You are an idiot response.

    First question was - if they come with fleas - can I wash them with Dawn (works on our strays). And the posts were basically just not nice. Second question was asking about using cat litter for litter box, but using the Swheat kind and OMG you would have thought I posted that I was using cut and broken glass.

    I stopped going there - But know the sucker stamp, squish, scritchie terminology. And I lurk, but just to look at everyone's baby. ESPECIALLY the dumbos. Lola is a Dumbo hoodie white with black. She has that typical downs look to her face and large, droopy ears. Honestly? She resembles Marty Feldman as her eyes go in two different directions. Albert? Albert is lovingly referred to as a wharf rat. He is golden and grey and brown. At 3.5 lbs (handy postage scale for verification) he's not a light weight, loves his wheel, and INHALES mixed fruit yogies. BUT!!! Is the best kisser in the world.

    Also - mine are frozen Pea Freaks - Sunday AM is pea time. And I grew green beans JUST for the ratties this year for cheap, free, fresh snacks.

    Thanks for the wishes about Pootie. Oh I am keeping the faith she'll be found. She really has a piece of my heart.
  19. Diabolique

    Diabolique New Member

    Star --

    Ugh, I'm sorry you had that experience at goosemoose. I wish I could say that I'm surprised, but I've seen some fairly harsh treatments of perfectly reasonable questions from people who are seeking information and knowledge. In fact, I've seen references from time to time about how goosemoose lost many users due to people being a bit, uh, "over zealous" in their responses to newbies' questions. I only joined there in January (that's when I got my first pair of boys) or so, and luckily I've not been treated harshly. The moderators there now seem to keep things fairly well under control and they don't hesitate to lock threads if things get out of hand. Maybe it would be better if you went back now? It's hard for me to know since I wasn't there a few years ago and don't know how much change has taken place in the users.

    Ah yes, frozen peas are my boys' absolute favorite treat! In fact, I just handed some out about 20 minutes ago and they are all fat and happy and lazing about now. This rest is surely in preparation for the wheel marathon that will begin around 10pm and last most of the night!

    3.5 pounds?!? WOW, that is a big boy! I think my biggest one is maybe 1.5 pounds, 2 pounds at most. What do you feed yours? I feed mine Harland Teklad 2018, which I order from a rescue. Even with the shipping costs, it ends up being a whole lot cheaper than what I can buy in a pet store. With all these mouths to feed -- animal and human -- saving money is always a bonus!
  20. Lothlorien

    Lothlorien Active Member Staff Member

    CUT THAT OUT!!!!! Four years of French and president of the French club and I just don't understand any of that any more.